Increasing Your Web Traffic: A Quick Guide

Increasing Your Web Traffic

If you’re a digital-only business, you’ll know that web traffic is one of your fundamental metrics by which you can measure your success. The higher your traffic, the logic goes, the higher you converted visitors, who will purchase goods or services from your website. If you have low traffic, meanwhile, you’ll find that your conversions are fewer – and you may even slip down Google’s search rankings as a result. In light of the pressing need to always boost your web traffic as high as possible, this quick guide looks at some of the tried-and-tested web traffic boosting methods that you can use today.

SEO Boosting

First, let’s take a look at one of the principal ways in which you’re going to attract visitors to your website: through the gatekeepers of the world’s websites – search engines. With over 90% of the search engine market, it’s Google who are in charge of how your website ranks on its results pages – and if you play by the tech giant’s rules, you can see impressive returns on your ranking and your traffic.

SEO is a little more complex than simply tidying up your website and labelling images correctly, though. It’s a holistic method by which you’ll cater towards Google’s web-analysis algorithms, helping them to green-light your website as relevant and trustworthy to web users. If you use the services offered by a Birmingham SEO agency to help you build out an SEO strategy, you’ll find valuable expertise to guide your SEO development this year.

Social Media Marketing

Meanwhile, it’s not just through search engines that people end up on unique URLs like your own. The other major gatekeepers of the internet are social media companies like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. On these platforms, users see a variety of tailored content which they trust, and often click on, when advertised to.

This is why the revenue of Facebook is so astronomical: their advertising platform, optimized for targeted adverts, is incredibly successful. You should engage with these engines in order to build up the routes through which traffic is funneled into your website – from Google, yes; but also from the world’s largest social media websites.

Back Links

Finally, one of the best ways to channel that extra bit of traffic through to your website is through links on other websites that hyperlink over to your own website. There are two main ways to get these links set up for your business:

  • To use a digital marketing agency, or your own initiative, to approach websites offering to boost each other’s websites by featuring these hyperlinks
  • To have these links grow organically, by posting informative and excellent content on your site blog, to which other website owners and bloggers will want to link

In both cases, you’ll find that this extra little bit of traffic will arrive on your website interested to read what you’re about, what information you’re sharing, and what products or services you’re providing. They’re web users who are likely to click through to your sales pages.

These three main traffic-boosting tips will help you build a better website, and higher profits, this year.

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