Borland CodeWright 7.5 Overview

Borland CodeWright 7.5 Overview

Borland CodeWright 7.5 oemSoftware: Borland CodeWright 7.5 OEM
Platform: PC
Price: $79.95
Category: Programming And Development oem software
Manufacture: Borland oem software

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The Programmers Editing System, is designed to boost productivity with peer-to-peer connectivity for remote communication and file editing. Timesaving features include advanced search and replace, an editable Difference Window, syntax coloring, code intelligence, and customizable templates and snippets for code reuse. Tailor CodeWright options and keymaps to enhance usability. Synchronize CodeWright files with Borland and Microsoft IDEs. Leverage macros for automation and DLL support for additional functionality within CodeWright. The editing system is built to incorporate compilers, version control and other third-party applications into a powerful, unified environment. CodeWright 7.5 – engineered to create better software faster.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Build and Compile Tools More Flexible
  • Assign Keys in Fewer Steps
  • Add Images to Popup Menus
  • CodeMeeting Notification
  • Customize Options Consolidated for Easier Access
  • Differencing Enhanced
  • Color Embedded Language Sections
  • Display Wrap Buttons on the Edit Toolbar
  • Environment Options Added
  • FTP Deployment Enhanced
  • Document/Window Manager Access Simplified
  • HTML Toolbar in WYSIWYG Editor/Viewer
  • Output Window more Flexible
  • Synchronization for Borland IDEs
  • JBuilder and C++ BuilderX Projects and Project Groups Supported
  • Toolbar Functionality Improved
  • Visual Studio .NET Keymap Emulation XML
  • Editing Enhanced
  • Visible EOLs for Multiple Platforms
  • System: A 486-class machine is required as a minimum, with at least 16MB of RAM. Performance will vary depending on the video adapter, driver and video mode you have selected.
    Memory: CodeWright requires a minimum of 16MB of memory to operate.
    Storage: A hard drive is required. CodeWright will store temporary files on the hard drive, or other location specified for temporary files. The amount of storage space required varies according to the size and number of files that are being edited.

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