Microsoft Works 9 Software Overview

Microsoft Works 9 Software Overview

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Microsoft Works 9 oemMicrosoft Works 9 gives you the basic home productivity tools you need to help make your everyday tasks easier from start to finish. Get things done at home. Create letters, resumes and greeting cards using templates, clip art and a built-in dictionary. Simplify household tasks. Track your budget, plan home improvements, and keep household records — in one place. Get started quickly. Find and launch programs and projects easily with the Works Task Launcher.

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Software: Microsoft Works 9 oem
Platform: PC
Price: $14.95
Category: Office Tools oem software
Manufacture: Microsoft oem software

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Microsoft Works 9 oem SoftwareMicrosoft Works has built-in compatibility for the Microsoft Office document formats (DOC and XLS), including, but not limited to, the ability of the Works Word Processor to open Microsoft Word documents and the ability of the Works Spreadsheet to open Microsoft Excel workbooks. Newer versions include task panes but do not include significantly updated features. Even in the latest version (Version 9.0), the Windows 95-era icons and toolbars have not been updated to stay consistent with modern application software. Version 9.0 which offers Windows Vista compatibility, is available in two editions, an advertisement-free paid version, available in retail and OEM versions and an ad-supported free version (Works SE) which is available only to OEMs for preinstalling on new computers.

Use the Works Word Processor to easily create letters, resumes, greeting cards and more, with customizable templates, improved proofing tools and a built-in dictionary. Keep to-do organized, plan home improvements, or track your personal budget with the Works Spreadsheet. Combine up to 32 different calendars into one view to keep track of everyones plans with the Works Calendar.

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