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Mindjet MindManager Pro 7.0.429

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Product Mindjet MindManager Pro Features:
-Align organizational strategy and objectives by visually conveying project information in a single, centralized and coherent view
-Empower people to accelerate business processes by enhancing strategic thinking, facilitating quicker project planning and increasing team productivity
-Engage and excite employees by engaging people in stimulating real-time interactions during process planning
-Bring better products and services to market faster by enforcing best practices and making existing project plans, processes and ideas accessible
-Stay ahead of the competition and foster innovation by increasing team interactions during the early stages of strategic project planning.

Leading mapping software for businesses and individuals, Mindjet MindManager Pro 7 helps engage and align people to work smarter, think creatively and save time by visually capturing, organizing and communicating ideas and information effectively. Now sporting a sleek Office 2007-like ribbon interface for quick access to key features, MindManager Pro helps users brainstorm, capture and distill complex issues, and improve productivity. Easy-to-use map templates, multi-map view, project alerts and filtering tools help enhance strategic thinking, accelerate project and process planning and inspire creativity. For maximum day-to-day efficiency and project acceleration, MindManager maps can be linked to multiple data sources, including productivity applications and enterprise solutions like Microsoft Office (e.g., Excel, Word, PowerPoint). MindManager software is used globally by 85 of the Fortune 100 companies and more than 50 percent of Global 2000 organizations.

Mindjet MindManager 8.0 overview

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Mindjet MindManager is a unique program aimed at business people keeping track of complicated projects with objectives that change on the fly. While this program offers users a chance to streamline their world, it is not something people can leap directly into and operate. This programs main objective is project management. The goal is to provide a free flowing chart, making even the most complex goals visible. This is accomplished through a flexible set of tools to map agendas, priorities, people working on the project, deadlines, and more, all with the ability to update and change. MindManager is a complicated program that will take many hours of practice to perfect. While it is organized like Microsoft Office programs and may be semi-intuitive, there are so many options, that a new user may be lost. Fortunately, the program comes with a helpful tutorial that walks you through the many options available. MindManager has the ability to really help users get organized, but even with the tutorial, the sheer number of commands and buttons can be overwhelming. We would have liked to see a slightly longer trial period than the standard 30 days, just so users could get their bearings using the tool. In addition, the flow chart the program creates may be unlike anything co-workers have used and will take time on their side to understand what each box, line, and symbol mean. However, if you are looking for a dynamic way to organize projects and are willing to put in the work, MindManager could be the answer. Support Windows XP/2003/Vista/7

MindManager enables you to capture, organize, and communicate information using an intuitive visual canvas. The map is a visual diagram that imitates the creator’s thoughts, with the interactive benefits of embedded data, live hyperlinks, collaboration capabilities, and much more. MindManager is an indispensable fifth productivity application, along with the word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and e-mail. While integrating with and augmenting all of these applications, MindManager enables you to capture, organize, and act upon limitless ideas, data and knowledge without ever leaving your mind map. Millions of successful people use MindManager to manage projects, develop plans, create presentations, and accomplish a limitless number of other tasks. Track your projects with greater ease with automated calculations of task progress. And now communicate your vision and ideas by transforming your map into a clickable, interactive Adobe PDF or Flash file. Combine MindManager with MindManager Web to collaborate online, share documents in secure workspaces, and conduct Web conferences. Work smarter, and transform your ideas into action more quickly.

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