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Android 3.0 tablet samples ready by December

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DigiTimes suggests that Google recently contacted its partners with news that engineering samples of Android 3.0 will be ready by December. The report also claims that manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, Acer, Asustek Computer and Micro-Star International will have Gingerbread tablets in hand to show off at CES in January, 2011. Digitimes wraps up its communique with word that Android 4.0 will launch in the second half of 2011. Android OS popularity amongst tablet makers will continue to surge thanks to lower software and hardware costs compared to Windows-powered tablets.

For the first time since July, when an Android project manager let slip Google’s intention to launch a music store alongside Android 3.0, details surrounding the next major Android release have emerged. While these new details aren’t quite as firm, they’re sure to please Android fans waiting for some serious forward progress. The first, video chat, will supposedly be added as a core element of the OS. While video chat still hasn’t gained mass appeal, it was almost a foregone conclusion that Google would implement it quickly to compete with Apple’s FaceTime. The other big news is that Google is apparently (finally) preparing to add VoIP calling to its Google Voice service. And it will also be big news for Android tablets, which will be able to tout a polished, fully integrated voice calling solution that doesn’t rely on cellular connectivity.

The biggest new feature will be the inclusion of video chat, speculated to be based off of the same technology that runs Google Chat on PCs. Apple first introduced video chat on its devices with the iPhone 4, which is the company’s most successful phone yet, while Android phones like the HTC EVO 4G already support video chat through the use of apps. Google hopes to level the aesthetic playing field between Android and the iPhone by streamlining its design. The main app icons have been redesigned to look and feel more consistent, as has the interface of many core apps, like YouTube.

The search giant has also added some visual flourishes, like a glowing rubber banding effect, so when users switch between screens, the screen bounces into place, similar to the iPhone. The Android multitasking bar is now black instead of grey and the company has begun introducing green into the design of the OS. Despite these visual upgrades, the new version is said to be quicker thanks to the possible inclusion of hardware acceleration, which allows the OS to take advantage of the unique features of the hardware it’s running on.


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