NVidia Tegra platform

NVidia’s Tegra platform review

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NVIDIA Tegra is a system-on-a-chip series developed by NVIDIA for mobile devices such as smartphones, personal digital assistants and mobile internet devices. Each Tegra is a “computer on a chip” which integrates the ARM architecture processor CPU, GPU, northbridge, southbridge and memory controller onto a single package.

On January 3rd, 2010, Tegra2 support for the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distro was announced by Nvidia support on Nvidia dev forum.
NVidia Tegra platform

The Next Generation NVIDIA® Tegra™ mobile web processor was designed to power the new generation of tablets, slates, mobile Internet devices (MIDs), e-readers, automotive safety and entertainment solutions, and Internet TV boxes. NVIDIA Tegra delivers an uncompromised Web experience, including ultra low power Flash 10.1 acceleration, 1080p video playback, 3D touchscreen UI support, and unmatched battery life.

NVIDIA Tegra 2

With NVIDIA® Tegra™the world’s first full HD ultra low power mobile Web processor these desired experiences are a reality. Truly intuitive touchscreen UIs. Stunning hi-def video and hyper realistic 3D graphics. Crystal clear audio and vivid photos.

Tablets and MIDs
NVIDIA® Tegra™ based tablets and mobile Internet devices MIDs deliver an ultra-portable multimedia web experience with phenomenal battery life. Which means they go where you go, and give you what you want, whenever you want. Amazing HD movies, stunning mobile games, immersive 3D sports, and more.

Stay connected wherever you are with an NVIDIA® Tegra™ based smartphone. Browse your favorite sites with instant access to the Web. Update your Facebook status and post photos of your latest adventure. Fill your spare time watching a YouTube video or playing a 3D game. And, talk with friends for hours without worrying about your battery.

Portable Media Players
NVIDIA® Tegra™ based portable media players put all of your media in the palm of your hand all accessible with the tap of a finger. Listen to your music with incredible clarity. Browse your photos in vivid quality. Watch smooth movies, videos or TV shows on the go or connect to your HDTV for a big screen HD experience.

Internet TV
The web meets television with an NVIDIA® Tegra™ based Internet TV box. Now all the movies, shows, music, and websites you like are yours to enjoy whenever you want. All right on your TV. Watch a movie or catch up with your favorite TV series on your schedule. Organize your family videos and photos and play them back on the big screen. Listen to online music or connect with friends on Facebook.

The NVIDA Tegra 2 dual-core chip will find its way into many upcoming Android phones and tablets later this year, and for good reason. The Tegra2 offers a true dual-core processor, giving any device with the Tegra 2 system-on-chip CPU running under the hood the kind of experience that is probably best described as “blazing fast”. The Tegra 2 will indeed be taking Android to the next level, or any platform with the CPU running on it. LG is dedicated to throwing the Tegra2 into their upcoming smartphones, and a slew of tablets should ship with it as well.

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Nvidia Tegra – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
NVIDIA Tegra is a system-on-a-chip series developed by NVIDIA for mobile devices such as smartphones, personal digital assistants and mobile internet …
History – Specifications – Devices using NVIDIA Tegra – See also

NVIDIA Tegra: Tiny Computer Packs Massive Punch!
2 Jun 2008 … NVIDIA Tegra is a tiny computer-on-a-chip, smaller than a US dime (10-cent … Our vision was to create a platform that will enable the 2nd …

Tegra – NVIDIA
The NVIDIA Tegra family of computers-on-a-chip power a broad range of next generation of visual computing devices – from smartphones to mobile internet …
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[PDF] PDF – NVIDIA Tegra Android Platform Support Pack Getting Started Guide
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Refer to the NVIDIA Tegra 250 devkit HW Setup guide for details on how to put the devkit into recovery mode. Flashing using Windows. The Android Platform …

The NVIDIA Tegra 250 Harmony Windows CE 6.0 Platform Support Pack
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Pre-compile shaders for the Tegra platform using a Windows host PC. Note that significant non-NVIDIA software (MS Visual Studio) is required to develop for …
developer.download.nvidia.com/tegra/…/ce6_tegra_harmony_pack_5265393 .pdf

nVidia Tegra platform could debut in HTC hardware at Mobile World
16 Jan 2009 … Graphics-processor maker nVidia’s push into the mobile space may soon be getting a boost from HTC. nVidia has yet to launch their …
www.intomobile.com/…/nvidia-tegra-platform-could-debut-in-htc-hardware- at-mobile-world-congress/

Nvidia Showcases Tablets, Tegra 2 Platform | News & Opinion …
7 Jan 2010 … Nvidia declares that 2010 is the year of the tablet and showcases a number of them running on its latest Tegra platform.
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Nvidia Tegra 2 (Nvidia’s Next-Gen Tegra Platform) Gets Official …
8 Jan 2010 … The Nvidia Tegra 2 platform becomes official with Nvidia claiming that the next- gen Tegra will power a ‘tablet revolution’. The Nvidia Tegra …
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HTC looking to NVIDIA’s Tegra platform for high-performance phones …
16 Jan 2009 … We’ve been waiting patiently since Tegra’s announcement half a year ago for some seriously awesome Tegra-powered hardware (well, …
mobile.engadget.com/…/htc-looking-to-nvidias-tegra-platform-for-high- performance-phon/

Android Tablet Prototypes Support Flash [VIDEO] 24 Mar 2010 … Sit tight, because a slew of tablets running Android will be emerging shortly with full Flash support, thanks to the NVIDIA Tegra platform

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