Autodesk Revit Structure 2011 Review

Autodesk Revit  Structure 2011 Review

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Building Information Modeling for Structural Engineering

Autodesk® Revit® Structure software is the building information modeling (BIM) solution for structural engineers, providing purpose-built tools for structural design, analysis and documentation. Make better decisions, earlier in the design process by more accurately visualizing and analyzing structures, before they are built.

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Autodesk Revit Structure 32-Bit System requirements
Microsoft® Windows® 7 32-bit Enterprise, Professional, Ultimate, or Home Premium editions, Microsoft® Windows Vista® 32-bit (SP2 or later) Enterprise, Business, Home Premium, or Ultimate editions, or Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional or Home editions (SP2 or later).64-bit recommended.*
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon dual core, 3.0 GHz (or higher) with SSE2 technology for Microsoft® Windows® 7 32-bit or Microsoft® Windows® Vista® 32-bit SP2 (or later). Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ dual core, 1.6 GHz (or higher) with SSE2 technology for Microsoft® Windows® XP® SP2 (or later).
3 GB RAM. 4 GB recommended.
5 GB free disk space.1,280 x 1,024 monitor and display adapter capable of 24-bit color for basic graphics. 256 MB DirectX®9-capable graphics card with Shader Model 3 for advanced graphics.
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7.0 (or later).
Download or installation from DVD.

Autodesk Revit Structure 64-Bit System requirements
Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Home, Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise editions, Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit (SP2 or later) Business, Home Premium, Ultimate editions or Enterprise edition, or Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 edition (SP2 or later).*
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon dual core, 3.0 GHz (or higher) with SSE2 technology for Microsoft® Windows® 7 64-bit or Microsoft® Windows® Vista® 64-bit SP2 (or later) or Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ dual core, 1.6 GHz (or higher) with SSE2 technology for Microsoft® Windows® XP® Professional x64 edition SP2 (or later).3 GB RAM. 8 GB RAM (or more) recommended.
5 GB free disk space.
1,280 x 1,024 monitor and display adapter capable of 24-bit color for basic graphics. 256 MB DirectX®9-capable graphics card with Shader Model 3 for advanced graphics. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (or later).
256 MB DirectX® 9-capable graphics card with Shader Model 3 recommended.
Quad Core Intel® Xeon® W3570 3.20GHz, 8M L3, 6.4GT/s Turbo, or equivalent AMD processor recommended.

Autodesk Revit  Structure 2011 Top Features

Enhanced Design Features

Fit and Finish

Slanted Column Enhancements:

? Plan view placement
? Column end geometry position control when attached to a beam
? Cut column tangent to an attached structural floor
? Unattached column end-cut appearance
? Beam join elevation on resized columns

More control and easier placement of slanted columns

Beam System Enhancements

? Remove beam system while retaining beam elements
? Specify beam direction for an independent sketch line
? Specify beam direction with walls and beams

More flexibility to create and modify beam systems

Truss Enhancements

? Remove the truss family while retaining beam elements
? Sketch chords on attached trusses
? Bottom chord attaching to floors and slabs

More flexibility when placing and modifying trusses modifying trusses

Concrete Join/Cleanup Enhancements

? Complex beam profiles
? Column joins
? Wall joins
? Curved beams

Display more accurate representation at concrete joins at concrete joins

Reinforcement Enhancements

? 3D shape spiral
? Slab edge reinforcement
? Configuring rebar sets
? Additional hook bend radius for rebar rebar
? Concrete host cover reference visibility
? Major spacing of area reinforcement in tags

More rebar options when modeling and documenting concrete reinforcement documenting concrete reinforcement

Analytical Model Enhancements

Horizontal projections:
? From the center of a wall core
?From columns and beams
Vertical projections:
? Auto-detect behavior of columns
? From beams
? Manual analytical adjustment of columns
? Rigid links in beams

More flexibility for automated and manual analytical model adjustments

Connection Symbol Enhancements

? Additional connection symbol families
? Load and manage connection symbol families within the structural settings
dialog box

Ability to display several new symbolic connection types for documentation connection types for documentation

Improved Productivity

Ease of Use

User Interface Improvements

? Properties palette
? Quick Access Toolbar customization
? Status bar tools Status bar tools
? Modify tab/contextual switching
? Repeat last command
? Resizable dialog boxes

Easier access to tools and commands and commands

Large-Team Workflow Linked Models

? Worksets control
? View filters
? Tag elements Tag elements

Improved large-team workflows and software performance p

Performance Enhancements

? Application startup
? Model open
? Sync with central file
? Linked files
? User interface reaction time

Improvements to help make everyday task easier everyday task easier

Modeling Enhancements

?Object selection
? Temporary dimensions
? 3D alignment
? Beam placement using 3D CAD geometry
? Control beam length tolerance
? Split walls with gap
? Span direction for metal deck floors

More productivity tools for construction documentation

Documentation Enhancements

? Custom elevation tag
? Drawing list improvement
? Sheet layout grid Sheet layout grid
? “A” and “W” user-defined parameters available in schedule field
? Convert between line types: model, detail, symbolic
?Insulation tool
? Conditional formatting to schedules

More choices available when placing your text and leaders

Text Improvements

? Create bullets and numbering
? Display box around text
? Text formatting shortcuts
? Find and replace in notes

Leader Improvements

? Enhanced leader attachment
? Ability to adjust leader end distance

Autodesk Revit API

? Dynamic Model Update: Dynamic Model Update:
? Element Add/Change/Delete notifications
? Programmatic editing in response to Revit model changes
? Analysis visualization framework framework
? Advanced selection and element filtering
? New user-interface tools
? Custom error handling

Additions in the Autodesk Revit API bring higher integration

Extended Capabilities

Design Extensibility

Frame Generator Extension

? Generate structural elements
? Geometric frame parameters
? Various graphical modes

Quicker and easier creation of simple 3D framing models simple 3D framing models

Wood Wall Framing Extension

? T and L connections
? Stud spacing and blocking
? Window sill and header configurations
? Multiselection option Multiselection option
? More flexibility when placing stud locations

Quicker and more accurate modeling of wall framing structures

Bridge Extensions

? Roads and terrain definition
? Integration with AutoCAD® Civil 3D®
? Bridge definition creation
? Document generation
? Customization of bridge families

Create more accurate and efficient 3D bridge models

Reinforcement Extension Improvements

? Define and generate prefabricated elements
? Compare required reinforcement and user-defined
? Generate rebars based on shape codes

Better efficiency when designing reinforcement using Revit® Extensions

Interferences of Reinforcing Bars

? Display collisions in tabular and graphical form
? Highlight rebar collisions found within the model
? View and print results in HTML format
? Export to Microsoft® Excel® or Microsoft® Word

Help reduce costly on-site redesign and rework issues due to improper placement of rebar locations placement of rebar locations

Reinforcement Drawings Extension  Update

? Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis
software elements imported from a Autodesk ® Revit Structure file now appear in AutoCAD®
Structural Detailing software
? Rebar defined by user exposed in AutoCAD Structural Detailing

Reinforcement Design Extension Update

? Rebar mapping functionality
? User-defined rebar now recognized in Robot  Structural Analysis

Interoperability improvements for creating 2D drawings and analysis design 2D drawings and analysis design

Improved link with Robot Structural Analysis

? Steel connection transfer
? Transfer of required reinforcement
? Improved content mapping
? Transfer of plan views as background images

Enhanced BIM workflow with Autodesk Revit Structure

Load Takedown and Steel Composite Design Extensions

? Included in the Revit Extension package
? No longer need a valid Robot  Structural Analysis license

Tools to better drive engineers from BIM to analysis

Model Review

? Audit building information
? Evaluate adherence to standards standards
? Help maintain model consistency Autodesk® Revit® DB Link
? Import/export model information
? Maintain relationships
? Update graphic/nongraphic information

Save more time auditing building information models,and better link models to external databases and better link models to external databases

Shared Parameters Converter Extension

? Change family parameters to Revit shared parameters
? Add or replace shared parameters to Revit families file

Ability to change family parameters to shared parameters

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