All Maya Software Prices

All Maya Software Prices

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Maya is the current king-of-the-hill in high-end 3D animation software: over the past six years it has become the established leader in character animation for feature films. More recently, with the benefit of lower pricing, Maya has also become a strong player in video game development, although it is still not as popular as Max for games.
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AUTODESK MATCHMOVER 2010 for MAYA 2010 x32____________$129.95 $59.95
AUTODESK MATCHMOVER 2010 for MAYA 2010 x64____________$89.95 $29.95
AUTODESK MAYA 2010 x32_______________________________$3399.95 $129.95
AUTODESK MAYA 2010 x64_______________________________$3499.95 $129.95
Autodesk Maya 2011 x32________________________________$3495.95 $329.95
Autodesk Maya 2011 x64________________________________$3995.95 $329.95
Maya Software


AUTODESK TOXIK 2010 for MAYA 2010 x32___________________$99.95 $39.95
AUTODESK TOXIK 2010 for MAYA 2010 x64___________________$99.95 $39.95
JoeAlter Shave And A Haircut 4.4 3 For Maya 8________________$599.95 $34.95
ILLUMINATE LABS TURTLE 5.0 FOR MAYA x32_________________$999.95 $99.95
ILLUMINATE LABS TURTLE 5.0 FOR MAYA x64_________________$999.95 $99.95
3DALiENS GLU3D 1.3 FOR MAYA 7.0_________________________$729.95 $24.95
3Delight 6.5 for Maya Win32________________________________$249.95 $24.95
Anzovin The Setup Machine 2.0 For Maya 2008________________$99.95 $14.95
Blastcode Blast Code 1.5 for Autodesk Maya 8.5________________$395.95 $34.95
Cebas FinalRender Stage-2 SP2 1.1 For Maya 8.5_______________$99.95 $24.95
Digimation MEL Studio Pro 1.1 For Maya 7______________________$125.95 $24.95
Digital RASTER NEX 1.0 FOR MAYA 7 8 8.5_____________________$148.95 $34.95
FerReel BlastCode Megaton 1.2 for.Maya______________________$1495.95 $99.95
Greenworks XFrog 4.0 Plugin for Maya 7_______________________$399.95 $24.95
Illuminate Labs Turtle 4.0 for Maya 8 8.5 Win.32 and 64__________$995.95 $49.95
Kolektiv Stroika 3.0 for Maya 7.0 8.0 and 8.5 WinXP 32bit_________$29.95 $14.95
Provide3D nurbsData 1.5 for Maya 6.5 7_______________________$199.95 $24.95
Syflex 3.6 for Maya 8______________________________________$219.95 $24.95
Ticket01 HelixPath 0.20 X64 and X86 for Maya 8 8.5_____________$147.95 $34.95
Ticket01 Seamour 0.99 X64 and X86 for Maya 8 8.5_____________$249.95 $24.95
Ticket01 SmartDuplicate 0.99 X64and X86 for Maya 8 8.5________$133.95 $24.95
Tsplines 1.6C for Maya 6 to 8.5______________________________$395.95 $24.95
VRAY For Maya7__________________________________________$99.95 $24.95
Nraft Director Tools 8.1 for 3ds max and maya__________________$199.95 $24.95


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