Free Online Video Editor

Free Online Video Editor

MixerJayCut provides everything you need to get your own white labled video editor up and running today… Upload videos, photos and music to create and share new masterpieces… Use JayCut’s public API to create new sites with online video editing.

Free Video Editor Engage your audience with the world’s premier online video editor seamlessly integrated on your website, or edit your own videos on JayCut’s community. Fueled by a passion for web video and creativity, JayCut was founded in 2007 and has since worked with some of world’s leading brands and received several prestigious awards. Meet the JayCut team, a group of Swedes sharing a passion for ground breaking web technology and interesting business opportunities. By combining academia with a lot of hands on experience they are working towards a common goal — to change how the world interacts with online video.

The new release of the JayCut video editor will appeal to beginners as much as to professionals. The easy learning curve, intuitive design and high-end capabilities make it the perfect application for anyone looking to start editing without the intimidation of having to buy an expensive and difficult editing program.

Free Online Video Editor: Jaycut Tutorial – on video below

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  1. nice software i like it.

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