Virtual Network Computing

Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

VNC softwareVNC software consists of a server and client application for the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) protocol to control another computer’s screen remotely. Real VNC Enterprise Edition, RealVNC Enterprise, SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise, Your Tech Solutions HelpDeskVNC

RealVNC is a company that provides remote access software. The software consists of a server and client application for the Virtual Network Computing protocol to control another computer’s screen remotely. In computing, Virtual Network Computing is a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the RFB protocol to remotely control another computer. It transmits the keyboard and mouse events from one computer to another, relaying the graphical screen updates back in the other direction, over a network.

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For the individual user, one common scenario is using VNC to help troubleshoot the computer of a distant less-technically-savvy relative. In other words, sitting at your desk in Baltimore, you could use VNC to take control of your relative’s PC in California and show them how to install and use some new software package by actually doing it yourself. VNC can also be used to provide a flexible hot-desking and road-warrior environment by allowing employees to access their office desktop and server machines from any machine in the company’s offices or from other remote sites, regardless of the type of computers involved at either end.
Virtual Network Computing
VNC is widely used in educational contexts, for example to allow a distributed group of students simultaneously to view a computer screen being manipulated by an instructor, or to allow the instructor to take control of the students’ computers to provide assistance. The system allows several connections to the same desktop, providing an invaluable tool for collaborative or shared working in the workplace or classroom. VNC has a wide range of applications including system administration, IT support and helpdesks. It can also be used to support the mobile user, both for hot desking within the enterprise and also to provide remote access at home, or on the road.

A very common business application of VNC is in remote system administration, where it is used to allow administrators to take control of employee machines to diagnose and fix problems, or to access and administer server machines without making a trip to the console. VNC is platform-independent – a VNC viewer on one operating system may connect to a VNC server on the same or any other operating system. Multiple clients may connect to a VNC server at the same time.

A VNC system consists of a client, a server, and a communication protocol

The VNC server is the program on the machine that shares its screen. The server passively allows the client to take control of it. Server component of RealVNC allows computer to be remotely controlled by another computer. The software can be installed for legitimate purposes, but it can also be installed from a remote location by an attacker with malicious intent. It is detected as RemoteAccess:Win32/RealVNC by Windows Defender.

The VNC client is the program that watches, controls, and interacts with the server. The client controls the server. RealVNC clients using vncviewer can run in full-screen mode, they use the F8 function-key as the default key for bringing up an options menu.

The VNC protocol (RFB) is very simple, based on one graphic primitive from server to client and event messages from client to server.

By default, VNC is not a secure protocol. While passwords are not sent in plain-text, brute-force cracking could prove successful. For this reason it is recommended that a password of at least 8 characters be used. However, VNC may be tunnelled over an SSH or VPN connection which would add an extra security layer with stronger encryption. SSH clients are available for all major platforms, SSH tunnels can be created from UNIX clients, Microsoft Windows clients, Macintosh clients – and many others.

Popular Software for VNC

Real VNC Enterprise Edition 4.1.9
RealVNC Enterprise 4.4
SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise 5.0
Your Tech Solutions HelpDeskVNC 3.2

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