Succession Wizard – Succession Planning Software

Succession Wizard – Succession Planning Software for HR Management

successionwizard.comSuccession Wizard” has been developed by Norchard Solutions Ltd who are a UK-based software consultancy specializing in Management Information System. Succession Wizard solutions are used in more than 30 countries. Norchard Solutions Ltd – specialists in producing management information software solutions. Norchard Solutions Ltd are particularly experienced in offering intuitive solutions from conception to implementation and including post-implementation support. Norchard Solutions Ltd is continually investigating ways in which can increase its profile through strategic partnerships and alliances with other businesses with interests in the HR software market.

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Succession planning is a key factor in determining business success. Succession Wizard is a human resource software program to identify management succession issues within organizations. Create your succession plan today.

Succession Wizard Home ScreenThe primary purpose of Succession Wizard is to simplify the whole succession planning process and enabling you to easily and effectively undertake workforce planning. It identifies potential succession gaps and assists in planning future staffing needs within your organization. Succession Wizard uses a powerful, yet user-friendly, interface making it a simple program to use.

The program can be run over a network with information shared amongst a number of users  or alternatively on a single PC or laptop by an administrator looking after a number of business units. You can try the complete program free of charge before deciding whether to purchase. Annual software support available including all upgrades during the support period.

Succession Wizard Innovative ScreenSuccession planning is increasingly regarded as a growing influence in determining the success of an enterprise. With the move to flatter management structures, succession planning is insurance for when key people leave an organization. The important thing is to build a succession plan which is ongoing and durable rather than something which you just look at during the annual planning process. A key benefit of using Successor Wizard over competitor products is that you can expect to be fully operational and producing effective succession plans within hours of implementing the solution.

Succession Wizard Reports ScreenUtilizing gap analysis, Succession Wizard can identify those people who, with support and training, can climb your management structure and become its future leaders. People are your most important asset and good workforce planning will give your business a clear performance and competitive advantage. Workforce planning allows you to know what skills and resources you already have at your disposal. Succession Wizard is designed for standard Windows desktop PC’s and can be setup within minutes of downloading.

Succession Wizard PricesSuccession Wizard is available in a number of different editions with the only difference being the number of entries allowed. The Pricing for Succession Wizard makes it a very cost effective tool for undertaking succession planning. Buying more than one copy of Succession Wizard means that the cost is substantially reduced as the price charged for additional licenses is discounted by 25%.

The current release of Succession Wizard includes an interface to OrgPlusSpecial Offer Succession Wizard with OrgPlus(OrgPlus is the leading workforce modelling and organizational charting software program) making the creation of charts using your succession planning data very straightforward.

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