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Halogen eSuccession™ – Succession Planning Software

Talent Management: Strategy, Execution, Results!

Nowadays most of the companies need to start succession planning because of growing labor shortage. Last attempts weren’t effective because they were focused on the development of management and leadership skills and identifies too few successors for a few key positions. Today all tools are very difficult to implement for users, needs many time for consulting, requires duplication of information and quickly out of date.

eSuccession program was developed to be more effective than other succession planning tools. Using this software companies of all types and sizes can see the results instantly because of decreasing the complexity, efforts and cost of applying succession planning. Also it is very easy to use. It helps HR to be perfect in Talant Management.

Halogen eSuccession™ – Features and Benefits

  • This software is on-line management system. You can easily and rapidly start with your succession program of planning and draw a correct picture of your workforce potential and different risks.
  • eSuccession lets to get direct value from succession planning by using a phased implementation approach. Determine the skills and abilities that are nesessary for the supporting your long-term plans and refine them in your best human resources with career and development planning.
  • It supports all the best practice talent pool based on succession planning.
  • Talent pools give a preemptive way to ensure that business is never disrupted, by developing talent from within the company. This software gives the tools that implement and simplify a talent pool based succession planning program. Expand the employee engagement and save significant employees that likely to stay with the company.
  • Illustrates the employee’s on-line talent profile, that shows any weak points. This points need to be closed for the talent pool. You can be ready to fill key roles throughout the company at any point.
  • There is very comfortable ability of individual development plans tracking for employees and progress keeping for manager. This plan is a roadmap that can help high potential employees to close their weak points and become qualified successors.

Supported Languages:French, Spanish, English
Supported Technologies: ASP Hosted, Web-Based (Browser)
Pricing is based on the number of employees being appraised in your organization and whether or not you purchase other modules in Employee Performance and Talent Management Suite along with eSuccession.
Sales phone:1-866-566-7778

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