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avidian.comProphet, developed by Avidian on the .NET 2.0 platform, is Avidian’s flagship product and the leading contact management and customer relationship management software built inside Outlook.

Avidian Technologies is an award-winning software development firm specializing in creating cloud-based and on-premise software solutions for users of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.

Avidian Technologies is a profitable, financially stable, privately held company, it was  named 3 years in a row as one of the Fastest Growing Privately Held Company in Washington State and 3 years in a row as One Of Washington State’s Best Companies to Work For. Avidian’s goal is to build the “easiest CRM software in Outlook” that helps clients be more organized, serve their customers better and close more sales.

Prophet takes Outlook beyond tasks, calendaring and e-mail with centralized and secure contact management, sales opportunity management, flexible reporting and easy sharing and controlling of customer information. Prophet helps small- to medium-sized businesses be more organized with their customer data, give better visibility to sales activities and achieve their company sales goals. Prophet is available in both on-premise and cloud-based versions.

Top 3 Competitive Differentiators:
1. Built into Microsoft Outlook.
Being built into Outlook, Prophet essentially turns the e-mail and calendar application into a complete CRM and contact management solution. This eliminates the need for users to constantly flip between two applications or manage multiple contact databases.
2. Built with .Net.
Building Prophet on the .NET 2.0 platform means it integrates at the object level with Outlook.
3. Available in Both On-Premise and Hosted Versions.
Unlike many competitors, Avidian offers Prophet in multiple configurations, including on-premise versions and hosted, or Software-as-a-Service, versions.

Prophet OnDemand Premium

Prophet OnDemand CRM Software
Prophet OnDemand CRM Software

Prophet OnDemand Premium is the easy contact and sales manager for Outlook. The OnDemand Premium Edition is big enchilada and comes with all of the features of the OnPremise Premium Edition plus the added benefit that your sales information will be hosted and backup in our world class data center.

Prophet Personal

Prophet Personal CRM Software
Prophet Personal CRM Software

Prophet Personal edition provides a simple, easy-to-use solution for individuals looking for a contact and sales management tool for Outlook. You will have access to all your critical sales and contact information without having to jump from program to program or dealing with poor synching schemes. Prophet becomes part of Outlook.

Prophet Advanced

Prophet Advanced CRM Software
Prophet Advanced CRM Software

Includes all of the core features of Personal and adds powerful tools like Sales Automation, additional filtering capabilities and customizable reports.

Prophet Premium

Prophet Premium CRM Software
Prophet Premium CRM Software

A comprehensive contact and sales management tool with all the benefits of Prophet Advanced and adding premium features such as automated work flow activities.

Prophet Software System Requirements
– Pentium 1 Ghz or higher
– Windows 2000 or Newer Operating Systems
– Outlook XP, 2003, 2007, or 2010 with Outlook (32 bit versions only).
– 1 Gig RAM or higher (1 GB or more recommended)
– 2 Gig of available Hard Disk Space

Prophet CRM Software Compare Editions
Prophet CRM Software Compare Editions

Prophet gives us the power to develop and manage customer relationships  rather than  simply tracking information. The biggest benefit from using Prophet is that each time we interact with a customer we can access a complete opportunity view including past notes, conversations, emails and attachments…all within Outlook. Prophet is powerfully elegant because of its straight-forward presentation of information and thoughtful navigation.

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  1. If you use Outlook, Prophet is great for CRM. The integration with Outlook is easy and intuitive. I’m thoroughly impressed.”

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