Cultivate Kid’s Painting Talent

brothersoft.comDo you want to let your children become a Talent Little Painter? It’s not a distant dream! We shall realize this dream in two stages. First, let kids learn how to recognize color, then learn how to paint. Eight software below covers the two stages. I believe after the practice with the software below, you will be proud of the picture painted by your children.

This is an image recognition software for beginners. Let your kids identify color and image through the 26 English words. When an English word is clicked, a related image will pop up. With easy and funny use, it can practice kid’s ability of identifying colors & images while indirectly improve kid’s English. It’s also a multimedia learning program for kids.Let's Learn ABC

After your kid can recognize the basic colors & images, it’s time for them to learn how to permute and combine images. If you think it’s too hard for your kid, you think wrong! It is very simple to use. With this software, kids can choose any cartoon image they like, then they can add eyes, nose, mouse, arms and legs to the correct place of the cartoon image. It suits the children who need to practice their basic drawing.

Desene Animate

After the permutation and combination practice, children will learn how to color images. This is a small and free software for coloring practice, with 20 electronic coloring pages contained. And with it, your kids will know more colors. And the interesting picture group is good for building your children interest in painting.

Connected Kids Coloring Books

The coloring practice with the software above is easy and simple. Now Let’s see another coloring software to upgrade kids’ coloring level step by step, with emphasis on coloring in detail. this butterfly coloring software, based on the image recognition skills practiced before, will give children more professional and more detailed coloring practice. Featured with virtual crayon, the bright and easy-to-use interface fits all ages! When the coloring work is done, the pictures can be saved to disk, opened from disk and presented in full color to show to friends and family!


If you want your kids to study painting in depth, just coloring is not enough. Next you should cultivate children’s drawing level, which enables kids to become a real Little Painter. This is a simple drawing software that teaches your children how to draw. The software combines an easy-to-use and cool interface, fun sound effects, and cartoon icons which can guide children as they use the program, all of which will arouse children’s interests.

Tux Paint

How to help kids drop carelessness when they are drawing and let them become more careful. Drawing4Kids can help you. It is intended to teach small kids to handle the mouse and have fun with colors, shapes and sounds. Kids can select up to 20 drawings which are black and white cartoons images. Not only they can fill the color they like, but also they can use pencil brush to draw any picture they like.


After the preliminary drawing practice, we should further enhance the level of drawing to become a Little Painter. This is a drawing board with many functions. Not only you can choose the background and painting, but also various fonts are ready for your choice to add to the picture. You can draw with many different pens, you can put stamps on your drawings, create all sort of text effects, and much more. It allows you to practice drawing further.

Drawing for Childrens

Do you want to get a gift of your image sketch made by your kids? It will come true if your children already have a certain level of painting. This software will help them become a real Little Painter. Kids can draw picture in a blank canvas. A library full of scenes and items can help them to create vivid pictures even if they are not good at scribbling. With all kinds of draw tools, it can help kids drawing a perfect sketch. If kids can go to exercises step by step, to become a talented little painter is not a dream.


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