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brothersoft.comEveryone has a dream home in their mind, and have you always had a secret hankering to design your own home, but didn’t quite know where to start? We’ll recommend these smart and amazing home design apps to help you easily design a sweet house. And here we will also bring you some low-cost and nice tools for those who are planning to remodel some part of their house.

For building a new home?Congratulations, you’ve finally got the key to your new house. I guess now your brain must be full of inspiration about how to design it. Actually we suggest you start from selecting the way of layout for bringing you good fortune! And you can try ‘MB Eight House Feng Shui’, it is based on the Feng Shui principles about the lucky as well as the unlucky directions for individuals. It analyzes which directions are favorable and which are not. According to the results, you can reach the peak of success and lead a happy and peaceful life once you can manage to use it!

MB Eight House Feng Shui

In the second step, we need to make a detailed and accurate floor plan to focus attention on facts. The basic information eliminates “Pie-in-the-Sky” dream scenarios which waste time, effort and people’s patience. Have a try at ‘RapidSketch-Floor Plan & Area Calculator’- the fastest, easiest and most valuable floor plan and area calculation program in the world, Simply draw the floor plan in RapidSketch using the mouse or keyboard and the program will automatically calculate total square footage and perimeter.

RapidSketch-Floor Plan & Area Calculator

After that, you will get the general layout scheme for your sweet home. Now all you need is comprehensive software for designing your sweet home. Taking Sweet Home 3D for a spin, you can achieve it! Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design application that helps you place your furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview. First you can import the floor plan you’ve created and adjusted in above steps and build wall according to it. Once you are done with basic structure, then all the detailing can be put on the design. There are almost all the basic objects available!

Sweet Home 3D

For remodeling some part of the house:If you’re looking for a great way to freshen up the look of your home, you should think about the following software. The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in any house. So remodeling it can truly change the way you view your home. ‘Kolo Bathroom Shaper’ will make the difficult design process a piece of cake. This user-friendly application offers an instant and simple design process with incredible 3d graphics that allow freedom for your imagination. Design and view your bathroom in the way of what you see is what you get.

Kolo Bathroom Shaper

All the women dreams of having a clean, bright, and well-designed kitchen, so why don’t you create one by yourself today? Give up the old-style and inconvenient one, you can renovate a new, warm and comfortable kitchen for your family. ‘ALNO AG Kitchen Planner’ will help you plan your sweet kitchen. You can define the room to be anywhere from 180 to 900 cm long and/or wide and put your favorite articles within the space. The fully reprogrammed 3D kernel enables you to let your imagination run wild in your kitchen.

ALNO AG Kitchen Planner

Do you like to do some gardening work in your spare time? Design a pretty little garden then achieve it, it also makes a big change in the way you view your home. Just design your garden with this very easy to use program-Garden Planner. Arrange plants, trees, buildings and objects using an easy to use ‘drag and drop’ interface. Use tools to quickly create paving, paths and fences. Then produce a high quality color print out of your design. A warm home with a beautiful garden, your sweet home can come true with this amazing software.

Garden Planner

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