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SaaS Software NewsCustomer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. In a tight economy, many businesses are holding on purchase decisions, even purchases that could provide immediate benefits. Excellent web based CRM solution for small to medium companies seeking a comprehensive and reliable CRM tool.

  • Igoodsoft CRM System

Igoodsoft CRM System is On-Demand Small Business Customer Relationship Management System(CRM).Collect and organize all CRM data of your organization in order to keep track of your customers and improve your service quality.
Igoodsoft CRM System(Access,Personal license) Price: $ 98.95
Igoodsoft CRM System(MS SQL Server,11+ users) Price: $ 198.95
Igoodsoft CRM System(SQL Server,Personal license) Price: $ 268.95
Igoodso CRM System(MS SQL Server,2 – 10 users) Price: $ 218.95
Igoodsoft CRM System(Access,Site license) Price: $ 868.95
Igoodsoft CRM System(Access,Business license) Price: $ 468.95

  • GoldWinSoft CRM System

GoldWinSoft CRM System is On-Demand Small Business Customer Relationship Management System(CRM). Collect and organize all CRM data of your organization in order to keep track of your customers and improve your service quality.
GoldWinSoft Online CRM System(Stand license) Price: $ 699.00
GoldWinSoft Online CRM System(Site license) Price: $ 1899.00
GoldWinSoft Online CRM System(Basic license) Price: $ 499.00
GoldWinSoft Online CRM System(Personal license) Price: $ 299.00
GoldWinSoft Online CRM System(Large Enterprise) Price: $ 1599.00
GoldWinSoft Online CRM System(Professional license) Price: $ 899.00
GoldWinSoft Online CRM System(Enterprise license) Price: $ 1199.00

  • Microsoft CRM Exam MB2-421 Guide

ePlanetLabs Microsoft Study Guide and Practice Questions is better than Ten (10) Mock Tests in exam simulators.This Microsoft Study Guide is an eBook in PDF format, Available to download Now immediately after Your purchase, It’s Downloadable and Printable.
Microsoft CRM Exam MB2-421 Guide + 3 FREE Guides Price: $ 29.00

  • MIE CRM Software

MIE CRM Software delivers Customer relationship management across sales, service, and marketing functions.
MIE CRM Software Price: $ 500.00

  • GC Assign Activity for MS CRM

GC – Assign Activity to Multiple Accounts for MS CRM 4.0 is a simple but very handy add-on for Microsoft CRM 4.0. It lets you add any type of the following tasks to multiple accounts in one click.
GC Assign Activity for MS CRM 4.0 Price: $ 100.00

  • Software Publishers CRM

Re-Imagine your software business! The light version of popular Terrasoft CRM released specially for Software Publishers.
Software Publishers CRM Price: $ 199.00

  • Terrasoft CRM

Terrasoft CRM is developed for small and mid-size business and have thousands of users in retail, communications, IT, business services, automotive, finances, traveling and other industries.
Terrasoft CRM Lite Price: $ 199.00
Terrasoft CRM Price: $ 299.00

  • LS-CRM

LS-CRM is an easy-to-use and powerful Customer Relationship Management software for small businesses in the market.
LS-CRM Price: $ 106.00

  • CRMLogix

Workflow-based contact management, CRM and document management, including multi-user capabilities, system security, external process attachment, automated emailing and faxing, document merge capabilities.
CRMLogix Price: $ 99.00

  • CRMworx | Contact Manager for Workgroups

CRMworx™ is a robust Contact Manager and quote/proposal creation tool for up to 20 simultaneous users (requires license for multiple users).
CRMworx | Contact Manager for Workgroups Price: $ 100.00

  • A-Number CRM

Contact information, relationships, business opportunities, orders, sales activities, marketing campaigns, planning, reporting and more can be handled by A-Number CRM helping you make the right business decisions.
A-Number CRM Price: $ 99.00

  • FTrack CRM

FTrack CRM is a multi-lingual, Small Business Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) with a with a Help Desk Management System,100% web based. FTrack also incorporates a Help Desk and Asset Management package for IT Managers.
FTrack CRM Price: $ 99.00

  • My-CRM

Designed for the small business this level entry CRM software offers contact management,a fully integrated calendar,opportunities,quotations,invoicing with receivables and a project/helpdesk module.
My-CRM Price: $ 150.00

  • VitalCRM Business Contact Manager

VitalCRM 2.0 is a business contact management system that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word and Outlook. Its familiar design, ease of use and use of the existing software infrastructure make it ideal for those who want to keep costs low whilst implementing a CRM system.
VitalCRM Business Contact Manager (Pro) Price: $ 118.99

  • Step To CRM Full Package And Bonus

Easy To Use CRM Kit Instant Download Comprehensive Editable Format Fits Any Business Industry No Special Education Case Studies
Step To CRM Full Package And Bonus Price: 199.50 USD

  • SkyNet CRM Plus – Monthly

SkyNet CRM is a full-featured, CRM software ideal for small and medium businesses. SkyNet CRM is designed to enhance sales productivity and lead management of your business. The SkyNet CRM software is excellent tool for organizations to automate the need to prepare sales reports, customer reports and manage sales leads.
Subscription Plan- Unlimited Users License Price: 549.00 USD
Subscription Plan- 50 Users License Price: 399.50 USD
Subscription Plan- 25 Users License Price: 212.25 USD
Subscription Plan- 10 Users License Price: 89.90 USD
Subscription Plan- 5 Users License Price: 47.45 USD

  • ACE Contact Manager CRM Software

ACE Contact Manager is a Windows 7 Logo Certified product. Ace gives one to twenty five concurrent users Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 compatible, local area network empowered, easy to install, easy to administer, and easy to secure contact management using “.net” technology in order to manage information on Customer, Competition and Opportunities, classify customers, schedule events and alarms, send email campaigns, schedule and assign tasks and many more.
ACE Contact Manager CRM Software Price: 99.00 USD

  • CRM (Jitbit Software)

A simple, lightweight and cost-effective web-based CRM software and contact management system. Based on ASP.NET.
CRM Price: 299.00 USD
CRM – site license Price: 399.00 USD
CRM with sources Price: 699.00 USD
CRM upgrade sources Price: 299.00 USD
CRM upgrade full to sources Price: 350.00 USD
CRM upgrade Price: 149.00 USD

  • CRM for Outlook maintenance and support fee (2011)

Mandatory yearly fee for receiving unlimited support and software updates for OpusFlow CRM. Fee for running year is included. Renewal is required at jan 1 of every year.
CRM for Outlook maintenance and support fee (2011) – per base license Price: 64.64 USD

  • CRM for Outlook (Opus Flow BV)

OpusFlow CRM is an easy to install Outlook ® add-on that only needs a network connection for it’s collaborative functions. However it works great on Exchange Server too. Easy access buttons provide a range of features to help you with all your common customer relationship tasks. NOTE: a mandatory yearly support & updates fee of 18% applies.
CRM for Outlook (base license) Price: 362.27 USD
CRM for Outlook (laptop module) Price: 119.86 USD
CRM for Outlook (PDA module) Price: 65.99 USD

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