Avast Releases Mobile Security app for Android- Theft Aware, virus and privacy protection

BrothersoftMobile phones when connected to the internet are susceptible to malware threats like Trojan CommWarrior, Skulls, etc, that can be be harmful to the operating system of the phone, applications, personal information, contacts and so on. . Thus, the installation of antivirus on mobile phones has become imperative to protect against data loss to prevent the corruption of files and also to eradicate the threat of conveying personal information.

Today, Avast, a maker of popular free security suites, has releases their Mobile Security app for Android, integrating the pure power of Theft Aware with some amazing new features. Avast for Android is still in beta releases and here is the features:

Real-time protection;
Scanning of apps before install;
Web Shield;
Remote lock;
Remote wipe;
Remote locate;
Remote siren;
SIM-card change notification if somebody steals you phone and tries to change the SIM card to a new number (yes, you will get info on what the new number is);
Remote picture-taking from the front or back camera!

From Brothersoft

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