iPhone iPad iPod iOS News of February 1, 2012

iOS Photo and Video Highlights of Macworld | iWorld 2012

Game Your Video is designed for the iPhone or iPod touch (it’s not native on the iPad), and costs $1.99. Check out the video I did with Game My Video on YouTube. Video Camera — The folks at i4 Software believe you can do more when shooting video than … See More »

  • iMacsoft iPhone Ringtone Maker

Softwaregold.net Soft Store

iMacsoft iPhone Ringtone Maker is your ideal iPhone ringtone maker to make your own ringtone from virtually any music or video file for iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch, iPad 2. It makes you easy to personalize your ringtone according to your specific needs … iMacsoft iPhone Ringtone Maker – See More »

  • FREE iOS 5 iPhone, iPad Tethering App: QuasiDisk Appears With No Jailbreak …

The APPera

You can add files to QuasiDisk over USB from iTunes File Sharing, over WiFi via a built in FTP server, or sync files with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac over iCloud. It’s fast, simple, and efficient.” So that quoted description was from their … See More »

  • These mobile apps should be music to your ears

Chicago Tribune

Band of the Day (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Free) While there are myriad ways to listen to music from our favorite bands and musicians, it is not so easy to discover new recording artists. Enter Band of the Day, which showcases songs, videos, … See More »

  • GreenCharge App for Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts Launches Today in the iOS App …

MarketWatch (press release)

The iOS application allows users to view real time battery data and to share the environmental and monetary benefits of owning an electric vehicle. GreenCharge is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices for $9.99 – the average cost of … See More »

  • After the Birth of the iPod and the Death of the TouchPad, What Next for …


The single Thunderbolt port and disdian for optical media of the modern MacBook Air follows a direct line from that decision – as the hermetic design and proprietary connector of the iPhone and iPad follows Rubinstein’s iPod model and ecosystem. See More »

  • Digital-Only Manga Magazine Shonen Jump Alpha Debuts


… American shonen manga fans have been waiting for has arrived: on Monday, January 30, 2012, the first full issue of Shonen Jump Alpha made its debut on VIZManga.com for viewing on the web, or via iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. See More »

  • PGA Tour HD tees off for iPad


The PGA Tour has created a new app specifically for iPad users called PGA Tour HD that will help golf lovers follow players and tournaments more closely. This free app is separate from the existing PGA Tour app, designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. See More »

  • Forked Kindle Fire Shows Successful Tablet Path


Still, in the PC space, they struggle for a meaningful share and, if it weren’t for products like the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, they’d likely have failed before the decade ended. The difference between the PC market and the tablet, smartphone, … See More »

  • A week with iPhone 4S: my first 10 apps


[Download Intoxicase] I was going to wait to get Netflix because I’ve already got it on the iPad and probably wouldn’t be needing to connect the iPhone to my HDTV for movie watching, but I couldn’t resist. I know they’ve got Tron: Legacy in there and I … See More »

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