Antivirus and Security Short News of June 6, 2012

Smart TVs to get antivirus software

UK-based Ocean Blue Software and Sophos have just developed what could be the world’s first antivirus program for smart TVs. This cloud-based solution can be rolled out as a part of Ocean Blue’s security suite or directly integrated into the panel’s See More »

Auslogics Antivirus 2011

Auslogics Antivirus is among the top 10 most effective antiviruses in the world according to the independent security software test from VB100. During the tests Auslogics Antivirus showed one of the highest scores for detecting both known and unknown malware, and didn’t generate any false positives.

  • When Antivirus Fails, All Is Not Lost

Dark Reading

Following Flame, the most recent targeted attack to hit the headlines, antivirus companies are facing a great deal of criticism for missing signs of the attack for more than four years. Even one of the industry’s own, Mikko Hypponen of F-Secure, … See More »

  • Superior Security Drives Switching Decisions, But What’s Up With Gen-Y?

The Financial Brand

Javelin’s 2012 Annual Security Report shows banks how to move the needle on security issues while boosting Gen-Y relationships. The 2012 Antivirus Software and Browser Security Report, a study from Javelin Strategy & Research, shows that superior … See More »

  • Bit9 First IT Security Company to Report That It Stopped Flame Attack in a …

MarketWatch (press release)

Bit9 is the first IT security company to report that its cyber security technology successfully stopped the Flame malware attack. Already numerous antivirus companies have gone on record stating that their customers were compromised by Flame. See More »

  • Avira Appoints New CTO

MarketWatch (press release)

He will make sure that Avira continues to reinvent what ‘security’ means to our customers and keep us relevant and fresh.” Avira has grown dramatically to become the world’s second largest vendor of free antivirus software, with customers in every … See More »

  • ‘One Plus One’ Equals More Secure, Feature-Rich Products for GFI Software OEM …

MarketWatch (press release)

Meanwhile, MSP vendors use GFI Software solutions to expand the services their RMM platforms can deliver – such as antivirus, patch management and mail security – to help their MSPs generate incremental services revenue. For more information about … See More »

  • Flame Hits Windows Update: 7 Key Facts


While Flame has only infected an estimated 1000 PCs, security experts recommend all Windows users install these updates immediately, as it’s likely that more malware writers will try to take advantage of the flaw. “Most antivirus products will detect … See More »

  • Slashdot: Antivirus Firms Out of Their League With Stuxnet, Flame

NewsFactor Network

Hugh Pickens writes “Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer of software security company F-Secure, writes that when his company heard about Flame, they went digging through their archive for related samples of malware and were surprised to find that … See More »

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