Business Software Alliance News Week of June 7, 2012

Business Software AllianceJailbreaking Enables Software Piracy, BSA Tells Copyright Office in Hearing on …
ag-IP-news Agency

… Intellectual Property at BSA, referring to Android, iOS, RIM, and Windows Phone. “Literally tens of billions of apps have been downloaded. There is fierce competition among the major software platforms and the multitude of apps that run on themSee More »

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  • The Business Software Alliance argues for the stripping of jailbreaking’s DMCA …

The Next Web (blog)

The BSA, as quoted in an article in AG-IP-News, made their case in the following fashion [Bold: TNW]: A big factor in what makes a platform attractive to consumers is the availability and quality of applications that run on the platform. See More »

  • Copyright Office mulls ‘jailbreaking’ exemption

The Hill (blog)

In testimony before the Copyright Office on Tuesday, Jesse Feder, director of international trade and intellectual property for the Business Software Alliance (BSA), urged the Copyright Office to scrap its protections for jailbreaking, … See More »

  • Open standards? You’ll know one when you see one, says Microsoft (blog)

It and UK policy had been defined in explicit opposition to Microsoft’s business practices. The movement had defined its own terms. Now Microsoft and its cohorts in the International Standards Organisation and Business Software Alliance wanted them … See More »

  • At White House Event, BSA and a Diverse Group of Industry Partners Unveil …

ag-IP-news Agency

WASHINGTON, DC – The Business Software Alliance (BSA) and a diverse group of industry partners today at the White House unveiled a set of voluntary principles for combating the growing cybersecurity threat posed by botnets, which occur when hackers … See More »

  • 57 pc computer users confess using pirated software costing industry $63.4 billion

Yahoo! India News

A survey conducted by the Business Software Alliance (BSA) revealed that more than half the world is involved in software piracy, which is a 17 percent increase from 2011. According to The Daily Mail, for the first time researchers asked 15000 people … See More »

  • Slashdot: Why the GPL Licensing Cops Are the Good Guys

NewsFactor Network

Reader rtfa-troll writes: “‘GPL enforcement by Software Freedom Conservancy puts electronics makers on notice, leaves business users untouched,’ says Infoworld, going on to explain ‘You are several orders of magnitude more likely to be raided by your … See More »

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