Tinba Banking Trojan? Short News of June 4, 2012

World’s smallest banking trojan discovered

Named ‘Tinba’ (Tiny Banker) or ‘Zusy’, it is a 20KB data-stealing banking trojan that hooks into browsers, steals login data and sniffs network traffic. It also uses man-in-the-browser (MiTB) techniques and web injections in order to change the look and feel of curtain webpages with theSee More

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  • CSIS Security Group: Tinba – World’s smallest trojan-banker

Tinba is a small data stealing trojan-banker. It hooks into browsers and steals login data and sniffs on network traffic. As several sophisticated banker-trojan it also uses Man in The Browser (MiTB) tricks and webinjects in order to change the look and feel of certain webpages with the purpose of circumventing Two factor Authentification (2FA) or tricking the infected user to give away additional sensitive data such as credit card data or TANs … See More

  • Tiny but deadly ‘Tinba’ bank Trojan discovered

Researchers have spotted a new banking Trojan subbed ‘Tinba’ that appears to have hit on a simple tactic for evading security – be as small as possible. An astonishing 20KB in size, Tinba (‘Tiny Banker’) retains enough sophistication to match almost anything that can be done by much larger malware types … See More

  • Tinba banking Trojan sniffs network traffic, steals data

Tinba, also known as Zusy was analyzed by Danish security firm CSIS Security Group A/S, and is gaining interest from malware analysts because of its lightweight size. Its code is 20 kilobytes, giving it the ability to slip past detection by some antivirus engines, infecting systems without advanced encryption … See More

  • Weekly Cybersecurity Roundup: Tinba Trojan v Flame Malware

Tiny Trojan May Pose More of a Threat Than the Giant Flame: Lots of attention has been focused on the Flame spyware this week, but a small program called Tinba is probably a bigger threat to most of us. Although Flame is a giant with 20 MB of code, Tinba uses just 20 KB and a number of well-worded man-in-the-browser tricks to defeat two-factor authentication … See More

  • Kleinste digitale bankrover ter wereld ontdekt

Dat grootte niet alles is, bewijst een nieuw ontdekt Trojaans paard dat als kleinste digitale bankrover ter wereld bestempeld is. Terwijl het 20MB grote Flame-virus experts vanwege de omvang doet verbazen, laat Tinba met z’n 20KB zien dat ook kleine malware zeer effectief kan zijn … See More

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