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Atomic Email Studio – a center of management of electronic newsletters. This new product is an integrated solution for all popular programs ePochta for e-mail marketing. Use of Atomic Email Studio offers a new convenient way to create and send email updates to create new mailing lists and management, as well as access to our additional online services.

Key Features:

One access point will allow you to manage all of your email campaigns: Get contacts, manage email lists, create and send newsletters, and handle the subscription and unsubsctiptions.

Atomic Email Studio is recommended for all, that’s the reason why: Easy project management and mailing lists. You’ll see all of what you might need for your new email campaign in a single screen.

Easy work: You can drag-and-drop, add and delete lists, and projects to execute any tool to modify the search criteria. It is easy to navigate from any of the applications AtomPark.

In addition, the total cost of ownership for Atomic Email Studio is much smaller than the programs separately.

Atomic Mail Sender

Atomic Mail Sender is a versatile program for sending mass e-mail and enterprise software. The program allows you to send unlimited e-mail messages with unlimited number of recipients in a very short period of time. Has a complete set required for mass mailing functions, built-in database management e-mail addresses, allowing to add new addresses, remove invalid and so on, includes a built-in SMTP-server does not require any additional utilities, supports SSL / TLS connection. The application runs in a multithreaded mode, which provides high speed operation. Therefore, even with dial-up connection you can send hundreds of e-mail messages in just a minute.

Key Features:

– Very high speed mailing;
– Messages are delivered with built-in SMTP-server;
– Easy to use;
– Not a high price.

Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic Email Hunter is a powerful email extractor for Windows. The program allows you to use multiple parameters to quickly create a target database e-mail addresses. Program settings allow you to limit the depth of the search filter options for entering specific words in the URL, as well as the content pages, specify the name of the priority of pages to search and collect e-mail addresses (for example, “contact”, “feedback”), use the various search engines search by keyword, and it is possible to create and edit scripts to use search engines, use the command line to automate. With this program you can automate monotonous manual work to collect personally identifiable information (e-mail addresses and names) of the representatives of the individual organization – in fact, such information is often scattered across multiple pages for a site and its collection of hand you need to spend a lot of time. The user interface is really intuitive and good, and it is converted into several languages.

Atomic Mail Verifier

A program to check email addresses to exist. Atomic Mail Verifier uses three methods of checking the correctness of the e-mail addresses, which allows these operations quickly and accurately. All procedures are performed in multithreaded mode and use all the features of Internet channel. The mailing list can be imported into the program from a text file or clipboard Windows. After that, you will only have to click on “Check” to get the result. The result of the work can be exported into other programs. This will help avoid sending messages to non-existent email addresses.

Stages of inspection:

Parsing email address. From the list of excluded addresses that do not meet the standard. For example, these addresses will be removed as ann #, john! @ $
Verify the existence of the domain name of the addressee. If there is no domain, and email address known not to exist. Therefore, it is not allowed until the third phase of testing. If the recipient’s address and the domain there, it makes sense to check the existence of a specific address in the domain.
Thorough check e-mail address, which was held the previous two stages. The program looks for the appropriate domain, SMTP-server and checks for the existence of this person.

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