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Email MarketingHow to Create Effective Email Marketing Newsletter

To date, one of the most underrated, but the easiest ways to attract your potential customers is the Internet-e-mail newsletter. This is an inexpensive and fairly simple version of ‘push’ technology that is rapidly gaining ground due to the fact that the distribution gives a net commercial effect without major financial investment.

Mailing lists are used as major portals ( and ZDNet), and highly specialized projects, sites of small firms. The main objective of most lists – forming a circle of constant visitors to the site, attracting new customers, advertising its brand and the natural increase in visitors to the site.

Delivery can be arranged at almost any site, regardless of its subject matter. If you put some effort, your free, concise, regularly issuing e-mail newsletter may soon develop into a major project with a database of thousands of subscribers who receive your emails.

What to do:

– Identify the purpose and content of your e-mail list: the main requirement – to provide useful information to subscribers as an outright boastful advertising and uninformative cues will be perceived as spam, may be punishable.

– Think about how to send the newsletter in its simplest form so that your readers who have a wide variety of software such as email clients and operating systems, and even computers that are guaranteed to receive a message even in a simple, but neat and stylish form

– Be concise. Instead of sending long texts bring annotation and a link to the full text of the message. Although, if you promise to its subscribers that will be published in the newsletter article, you should not deceive them, and feed only announcements. Let them in each issue will be a short article and announcements to other articles. That way you please everybody.

– Provide subscribers the opportunity to opt out of receiving your mail. And if people want to unsubscribe, he should have no problem with it, no need to hide and reduce the font is very much a link “unsubscribe”.

What can not be done:

– Do not send attachments or special additional formatting, such as RTF, if you’re not sure this is exactly what would your subscribers.

– Do not send unsolicited emails (spam). You can permanently damage your reputation. Of course, it is necessary to produce a lot more work, but you can get your own list of addresses of subscribers who actually want to receive your information.

– Do not send emails too often. Sufficient frequency – once a month for what is to inform customers about company news, and once a week – the frequency distribution for information portals (of course there are exceptions for non-standard or very popular projects). Start with once a month. You will be able to increase the frequency of the output distribution of the growth in demand.

Creating a list of recipients

So how do you start collecting subscriber base?

Begin to collect e-mail address immediately, even if you do not perfected the look of your mailing. Just turn on your list of recipients who gave you permission to send them information via e-mail, otherwise your messages will be perceived as ‘spam’, and this (see above …) will harm your reputation.

Add a subscription form on the mailing list on your site and ask visitors to subscribe to it. Ask an already established audience of your customers if you can add them to your mailing list. Vouch to all subscribers that you’ll never send them e-mail-address to third parties.

The distribution of your mailing list

If the list of no more than a couple hundred addresses, you can do it yourself. Just remember to use the box ‘CC:’ more than five addresses of subscribers – a bad taste. And not only that. As you remember, you must promise confidentiality of your readers to use their e-mail addresses, but each of them can see all the addresses included in the ‘CC:’! Explore the possibilities of the field ‘bcc:’ Your e-mail-client, which hides the other recipients of the addresses included in this field.

As your list grows, you will need to explore the services and software that is specially designed to maintain mailing lists, which includes the ability to add / delete e-mail addresses of subscribers (in order to ensure that the list is relevant). There are also companies that provide service for creating and maintaining e-mail lists, they take almost all the technical aspects, keep statistics, etc., on your shoulders rests the only creation of mailing issues.

Some typical recommendations for creating effective e-mail messages

These recommendations are aimed at the formation of any e-mail-messages not only those that contain a “mailing” the information for your subscribers.

First impressions are the strongest

Easy to use e-mail has allowed us relative freedom of action in our daily communication. However, you must ensure that you have checked (and rechecked) grammar and spelling of your mailing. Especially in business communications, if you want to build a trusting relationship with your potential partners and to instill in them a sense of confidence in your attention to detail, etc.

Email messages require quick response

Internet-time flows faster than the formal time. Response to a letter sent properly no later than 24 hours. Leave a response, the sender of the message (it is necessary to remind him what was being said in the letter to which you are responsible). Prepare a number of template tekstovok on the “general” questions – this will allow you to save time for traditional answers.

Add character to your messages

Plain (ASCII) text used within the body of e-mail-message is not too expressive and does not allow much room for nuance, tone and humor. Using spaces, asterisks, capital letters, quotes, and other characters, you can highlight parts of your message, send the intended tone. Try not to use capital letters for large parts of the text, since they make it clear that the author SCREAMS.

Do not send unsolicited attachments

Ask the recipients of your mail, whether they accept attachments, and in what format. On the one hand, you do not know whether the recipient has the same or similar software on your computer platform to take your formal writing. Viruses – a known serious problem, and investments – a popular method of distribution. Emails with attachments are usually taken just delete without reading, to reasonable safety.

Respect cultural differences

Internet is gradually transforming the combined Network users in a large village residents, but you must remember about cultural differences and respect the customs of international clientele. Be formal in your e-mail messages, unless you are sure that it is appropriate to adopt a more casual tone with customers and potential customers. This should be a good habit and avoid excessive informal letter that unintentionally offend the recipient’s insubordination (such as slang, bad language and nicknames).

Do not send unsolicited bulk e-mails

They may seem a good marketing idea, but they will sully the reputation of your company. Learn to build your own, perfect-mail list.

Do not send email, when you are angry

Because plain text e-mail messages more than wishy-washy, people can often misinterpret “tone” message. If you get an e-mail, which you hate, wait 24 hours before you write the answer, and you can not answer, so as not to spoil the nerves. In most cases, the sender (perhaps!) Did not want to be really rude and angry.

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