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Automated search VPN-server and remote access technologies: vpnhunter.com

That employees have the opportunity to remotely access company resources, is commonly used VPN and access to remote desktop. But if the two-factor authentication is not enabled, the username and password are stolen, for example, through phishing – the only thing that separates an attacker on the internal network. What makes a VPN Hunter? It scans the specified URL and attempts to determine whether the company’s VPN, and how it is implemented. In addition, searches for services for remote access (IPsec, PPTP, OpenVPN, RDP and SSH), as well as email-portal (Outlook Web App, Gmail and Zimbra).


Online data storage with unlimited capacity and the ability to synchronize data between computers: bitcasa.com

This service provides almost the same functionality as Dropbox, but does not limit the amount of disk space in the cloud, where you can download the files. The future promises to be Bitcasa paid (about $ 10 a month), but at the time the beta is available to all gratuitously. Register, so far is by invitation only, but it’s easy to find on the Web (just type in a search engine “Invite Bitcasa»). Already available to clients for Windows and Mac OS X, and we actively use them, and soon the developers promise to release for Linux.


Time Machine Internet where you can see the pages which do not exist for a long time: archive.org/web/web.php

Looking for a site that has long disappeared? Surprisingly, it is still only a few know about “Internet time machine” – the project Wayback Machine. This impressive archive service virtually all Internet pages, create copies of them at different time intervals. Thus, it is not just a way to find long been an existing page – this is an opportunity to trace the development of any project in time (since 1996). Very curious to see, for example, master pages, Google.

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