Google Chrome 22 released with enhanced support for Windows 8

Google Chrome LogoThe beta version of the browser Chrome 22 released with enhanced support for Windows 8

Immediately following the release of the 21st stable release, the project team has released Chromium pre-release of the product in the channels of the beta (version 22) and developers (version 23).

(The Project Mozilla released web-browser Firefox 15 )

Among the most significant innovations Chrome 22 Beta version of highlights:

– improved compatibility with Windows 8 platform;

– enhanced for use with a mouse in online gaming;

– support for high resolution screens, including the latest Retina-displays on a Mac.

Also, the new version of Chrome 23 Dev for developers – for the first reports, the main changes concern her core Chromium v8 and repairing defects.

One interesting technical innovations Chorme 22 was to support the user interface in the Pointer Lock API in JavaScript, also known as “mouse lock” (exclusive lock on the mouse). This feature is, of course, interested fans of the game, because it allows the system to remove the mouse from 3D-web applications and games, so that access to the mouse movement will be direct, without any restrictions. To demonstrate the new technology Chrome developers have published a special online application for review in WebGL-card version of the game Quake 3. When downloading user to disable the mouse – button “Enable” (Allow) off indicator, pressing [Esc] returns it in place.

The new beta version of Chrome 22, according to developers, has a lot of improvements for Windows 8, though the exact list is not disclosed. With regard to the support of modern high resolution screens, including, Retina-displays, while it will be noticeable only happy owners of recent models of MacBook Pro.

Part of the beta users informed about changes in the rendering of text and fonts when using technology Cleartype in Windows. If you do not accept new ways of rendering, can be waived by disabling compositing using the graphics accelerator. For example, you can run the executable file with the key “disable-accelerated-compositing” (this option can be added to a shortcut to launch Chrome). Among other visual changes can be noted a new type of icon to access the menu browser – instead of a wrench icon now uses “hot dogs” (three horizontal bars), as in the current versions of Android.

The new version of Chrome 23 Dev for developers almost no obvious technical differences, but a new kernel Chromium V8 (now the version and platform rendering WebKit (537.6). Offsite data storage is now supported SessionStorage permanent database on the hard drive so that the data is now working web application can be saved and restored by the system recovery sessions.

Windows XP users will be important to find troubleshoot print preview, but some flaws still remain, such as the non-working context menu when you right-click on the line titled tabs. All current versions of Chrome is available for download.

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