New version of the browser Opera 12.02

Opera 12.02Norwegian company Opera has released a new version of its eponymous product, a free web-browser, available for all major platforms.

Opera 12.02 is different from previous versions of enhanced stability and security. Among the developers report the actual problem solving with automatic scaling of sketches on Speed ??Dial. Also been eliminated vulnerability in defense, allowing to mislead users by the circumcision of dialog boxes. And use a 32-bit version of Windows is expected to return to the old way of processing extensions. Because of the problems found in the expansion of these systems and the browser will run in the same process.

Users’ attention was also offered a test version of the browser Opera NEXT 12.50. This “alpha”-assembly, designed for web-developers will evaluate some interesting innovations that will appear only in the following versions of Opera. The list of innovations implemented in the assembly under the number 1577, includes support for color profiles ICC Profiles 4, API Fullscreen API, protocol SPDY, embedded media block, and attribute «reversed» in HTML 5.

Users can interact with the context menu extensions Opera. And some PC owners seem very useful opportunity to highlight text on web-pages using the keyboard (call this function by pressing the «F7» and use the arrow keys).

It should take into account that the assembly Opera NEXT intended solely to test new features and boasts exceptional stability. List of problems found by voluntary testers, includes removal of content “quick bar”, then automatically update the browser. And users running browser running on Linux, can run into incorrect functioning extensions.

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