Social networking is threatening small businesses

Facebook HackingNeed flexible security policies

Among the variety of all the programs and applications used by employees in the workplace, the greatest concern IT-specialist SME cause social networks. These are the results of the international survey “Kaspersky Lab” conducted among companies, the corporate network which has fewer than 250 computers.

According to the study, nearly half (49%) of the representatives SMB-sector view social networks as a major source of corporate information security threats. The use of removable media – is another serious threat, causing concerns of small and medium enterprises. Thus, the high risk of infection through the corporate network and external USB hard drives of employees stated 46% of respondents. Closes the top three most dangerous actions of employees in terms of information security of Internet surfing: 37% IT-specialists say that unrestricted access to websites significantly increases the risk of virus incidents in the company.

In order to minimize information security risks and increase employee productivity, many companies resort to restrictions or even a total ban of some online services and applications. In fact, 60% of employees of small and medium-sized companies do not have access to social networks, 69% – to online games, and 52% – to the sites for file sharing.

The fact that companies are aware of the risks of use by social networks, unauthorized removable media, as well as sites not related to work, is a positive signal. However, some restrictions and limitations to solve the problem of information security is impossible. Need flexible security policies for different categories of staff, to monitor the use of some resources, in combination with standard anti-virus protection, prevents virus incidents.

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