Microsoft changes its strategy with the release of Windows 8

Windows 8Microsoft Corp. began selling last Friday of the operating system Windows 8, which company executives at a development called the most risky their product.

The new platform was an attempt of the largest software maker to restructure the new reality: instead of traditional PC users increasingly prefer smartphones and tablets.

The new platform was an attempt of the largest software maker to restructure the new reality: instead of traditional PC users increasingly prefer smartphones and tablets. The critical importance of the successful launch of Windows 8 for Microsoft confirms the deployed around the world’s largest advertising campaign in the history of a software corporation.

Microsoft, whose main revenues from sales of software for PC, was not ready for an explosion of popularity of mobile devices. Recently the company has devoted to rebuilding a new way. The first step was the operating system for Windows Phone 7 smartphones, introduced two years ago. And now it was the turn Windows, the interface for the first time a radical change with the release of Windows 95.

With Windows 8, the company hopes to solve two problems at once: to take place in the tablet market and spur sales of personal computers, in particular, through the dissemination of rare first device types. These include single touch screens and hybrid laptops that can be converted into a tablet.

All of these devices will allow full use of the new Windows 8 tiled interface designed specifically for easy control by touch screen or a large touchpad. Of course, to operate a mouse when working with Windows 8 is also possible. To work with older programs can and do switch to classic desktop which is different except that the lack of “Start” button.

Applications that are specifically optimized for the new Windows 8 interface, distributed through an online store Windows Store, running a well-established service Apple App Store and Google Play model. Thus, the company expects to have another source of income – by percentage of user-supplied software.

A new type of application is not so much, but the corporation is actively trying to attract developers to its side. In addition, Windows 8 allows you to use most of the existing programs designed for previous versions of Windows.

In an effort to push the computer owners to transition to a new system, the company has established a special price for the upgrade. Until January 31, 2013, users of previous versions of the three (XP, Vista, and Windows) can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro online for $ 40. For comparison, three years ago for an upgrade to Windows 7 would have to pay at least three times more.

At the launch of Windows 8 are actively participating PC manufacturers: Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, which depend on the interest of users to upgrade the platform will spur stagnating sales techniques.

Analysts believe these expectations partly justified, but note that the high prices of many models of new devices can deter buyers. Sky-high price tags due both to objective reasons (additional costs for touch panels, lack of cheap OEM-license Windows 8), and some vendors attempt to increase margins, experts say.

With the new platform, Microsoft is also trying to change the business model, becoming not only a manufacturer of software and mobile applications. Corporation announced two tablet models Surface this summer, which was a surprise to the market. Some of the partners of the company even claimed that the yield on the Microsoft device market hurt competition because other manufacturers have to provide for the cost of their products the price of licenses for software platform.

Surface sales in the U.S. will begin on Friday, at the same time with the release of the operating system Windows 8. Junior model with 32 GB of RAM and no attachable keyboard will be sold in the U.S. market for $ 499. This device is based on ARM-processor and running the operating system Windows RT – modifying Windows 8, which is designed for tablets and supports running applications written for previous versions of Windows.

Other manufacturers have also announced tablets based on Windows RT. Unlike tablets in the full Windows 8 processors and Intel, ARM-models lighter, thinner and longer can be powered by batteries. They are expected to directly compete with Apple iPad and tablets based on Android.

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