New Xbox will get Kinect 2.0 and will possibly augmented reality system

Xbox 720According to the British publication Xbox World, Xbox video game console of the future generation will have built a new version of the controller Kinect, the new drive Blue-ray, as well as ports for watching and recording television broadcasts.

The publication reports that he has learned some secrets of Xbox hardware filling the new generation from sources within the corporation.

According to Xbox World, a new video game console “Xbox 720” will get a new system Kinect 2.0, which is now virtually unknown. The publication notes that the new Kinect will get better camera can capture smaller gestures, improved voice recognition, as well as the ability to track up to four gamers at once.

Also in the “Xbox 720” will come in and drive Blu-ray, which is not present in modern versions of the console.

Among other unusual innovations called directional audio support, a set of input / output ports for watching and recording TV shows. Earlier edition of Xbox World notes that the new Xbox will be a modified game controller, which will have a built-in HD-touch screen.

Addition to all of the above, Microsoft is also thinking about how to ensure that the console will support AR or augmented reality system for the next generation of games. Reported that the Xbox 720 will have a CPU with four hardware cores, each of which will have another four logical cores. Xbox RAM is 8 GB.

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