Alternative file manager for Windows 7 and 8

Better ExplorerBetter Explorer – an alternative file manager for Windows 7 and 8

Released beta version Better Explorer – a convenient and functional file manager, which can be considered as a viable replacement of the usual Windows Explorer. Among the key features of the application is necessary to mention the compact ribbon-tabbed interface, built-in tools for working with file archives, and the ability to examine the contents of the hard disk are displayed in a visual pie chart.

Users, who are already acquainted with the new operating system, Windows 8, will find undeniable visual similarity between Better Explorer file manager and an updated Windows 8 File Explorer. Both products use dashboard-style «ribbon», which provides quick access to the most popular tools. But Better Explorer provides some useful additional features that are absent in the embedded Windows 8 File Explorer.

For example, the slider in the bottom right corner of the screen allows you to change the size of icons in the current folder. Option «Conditional Select» will enable selection of files according to specific parameters specified by the user, including the name and size of the object creation date, last modification or treatment. A tab «Share» simplify the transfer of files and folders on the network, provide quick access to network drives and tools for working with file archives. With Better Explorer you can create password protected archives in formats ZIP, 7Z and TAR, view their contents and extract data without the use of third party programs.

Better Explorer

Tools to perform common operations on files (cut, copy, paste) are located on the instrument panel «Quick Access Toolbar» in the upper left corner of the main window. Here you will find additional tools to manage tabs and windows open. If the proposed Ribbon-interface seems too bulky and uncomfortable, in the application, you can select the “classic” look.

The application runs on 32-bit and 64-bit operating system Windows 7 and 8. Better Explorer copy can be downloaded from the developer –

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