Max Spyware Detector

Max Spyware Detector ScreenshotMax Spyware Detector – is a complete program for professional and home user.

Max Spyware Detector – is a complete program for individuals, professionals and home users, which can be used to check, detect and remove spyware and immediately get rid of the malware, emerging advertising windows, Keylogger (kind spyware) and Trojans.

The program reinforced Smart Scan technology and Max Shields in order to ensure continued protection of your computer when you are in real time wandering through the Internet.

This program has advanced features that protect the user’s computer in real time from the most dangerous spyware. The proposed program of checks and safely removes spyware from your computer. In addition, there is also the option to recover and identify the detected spyware.

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Powerful technology Max Shields stops spyware installation on the computer, which leads to a change in your homepage. With Max Shields also can stop installation of BHO, Toolbar, which occurs without your knowledge, thus providing maximum protection against spyware when you are in real-time.

Thanks frequently updated database, the program will ensure that you do not incur the threats posed by spyware. The proposed program protects you from viruses, Virtu Monde, BearShare, Randex, Admoke and any variety of spyware.

The program of Max Spyware Detector provides a simple-to-use interface, so even beginners can easily work with this product. This program also provides the ability to automatically update that automatically checks for available updates and downloads them. Use the “Planner” available in the proposed program, you will be able to carry out inspections in a given time. Working with this program, you can also delete any program from the beginning of the scan. Using the host file, you will have the ability to block the bad websites to ensure that you did not go to dangerous sites.

Max Spyware Detector Screenshot

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