Preliminary version of Firefox for Windows 8

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla yesterday took another step towards the delivery of “Metro”-version of the Firefox browser for the operating system Windows 8.

Asa Dotzler, director of product Mozilla, said that the company released the latest preview of Firefox for Windows 8, focused on a limited use. After this release, the company is going to release publicly accessible version of Firefox for Windows 8, and then to the final version.

Presented on the eve of the so-called Nightly-Build is designed to test the source code of this version of the browser can update frequently (up to every day), every six months Nightly-Build becomes Aurora-version, and that, in turn, in the release.

“If you are connected to the Nightly-channel and you have Windows8-device, with the environment, you will have access to the Metro Firefox with the new interface, focused on Windows8”, – said Dotzler.

Recall that Microsoft itself refused to brand Metro interface of Windows 8, but many independent developers have kept using it, so that users understand that we are talking about Windows 8.

While not reported in Mozilla, when under Winodows 8 appears the original version of the browser, but according to the adopted schedule releases, it has to happen on March 31. For the first time the work on the principle of a new version of the browser, the company reported about a year ago.

Get access to the released version, please visit

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