Mozilla: full-fledged video games in the browser

Mozilla browser gameThe company Mozilla introduced the technology ASM.js, which, in the opinion of its developers, will create a web-application that rivals the performance of traditional programs written in traditional languages ??for target operating systems.

This technology, more precisely, a set of software components that provides tools to optimize the code in JavaScript. According to its own assessment of the developers, now web-applications using ASM.js, run about two times faster than the equivalent code in pure JavaScript.

The ability to play high-end 3D-games in the browser long stirs the minds of fans of video games, which for various reasons do not want or can not access a special game consoles. Mozilla company sees the future of games to use “all-powerful” mix of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. Secret weapon for the execution plan is Mozilla technology ASM.js, which, according to Vladimir Vukicevic, chief engineer of Mozilla, is a dialect of JavaScript, aimed at maximum optimization of executable applications.

In partnership with the famous game publisher Epic Games, Mozilla deals with the transfer of the popular game “engine” Unreal Engine 3 on web-platform. This transfer of technology is used ASM.js and a new JavaScript-compiler called Emscripten. The company also announced the Mozilla cooperation with other major gaming companies, including Disney, Electronic Arts, and ZeptoLab.

Brendan Eich, author of JavaScript and CTO of Mozilla, said that the current web-application in dire need of innovation, especially in the games. Today, as in the Safari browser on the iOS platform and Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 Metro installing third-party plug-in is disabled, the situation is even more acute, because many current games use just a third-party plug-ins, including Flash, Silverlight and QuickTime, and also notorious engine Unity.

As the first result of their work, Mozilla showed a prototype of a game called Citadel based on the Unreal Engine 3 ported to ASM.js. The performance of this prototype was a completely acceptable, and in conjunction with the Web RTC protocol for real-time communication between instances of the browser opens the possibility of creating full games with powerful graphics and social functions.

There is another reason why the Mozilla developers are so eager to increase the speed of browser games, and that reason – Firefox OS. Last year and a half we are actively working to transform the popular browser to the mobile operating system. The company wants to increase the popularity of Mozilla future platforms, including through the games that will run faster and be less expensive to develop. Although the technology currently ASM.js optimized for browsers Firefox (the official version of the technology will be incorporated into the serial Firefox in June this year), in the near future the authors intend to ensure its full compatibility with other browsers. If the development of technology ASM.js connect and others, including the author of Chrome, and Apple and Microsoft, the world of browser games can change dramatically in the near future.


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