Mozilla working to port Unreal Engine 3 to web format

Mozilla FirefoxThe developers of the Mozilla want the Web has become a platform that is suitable for any purpose.

From these considerations the company invests in Firefox OS, and fights with various platformal restrictions, in parallel with the web standard support for WebGL and three-dimensional graphics in the browser. Mozilla has recently presented a tool for C + + programming Emscripten, as well as a subset of corporate JavaScript asm.js.

However, all of these solutions allow you to run in a browser rather simple games and applications. In Mozilla also like to make the Firefox browser platform for advanced games such as Unreal 3. At the conference, GDC company announced that is working with Epic Games on porting Unreal Engine 3 for the web environment.

In Mozilla sure the web will be a natural environment for serious game projects, and not just for casual games. However, the company also recognizes that this will not work to achieve with existing solutions JavaScript and WebGL. One problem here is that both languages ??provide a preliminary local content download, in the case of projects scale Unreal 3 is extremely inconvenient. Many Internet users believe that the 30-second delay when loading pages – is prohibitively long. However, in the case of the Unreal 3 each new level here would not boot 30 seconds and 30 minutes. In the case of a 17-gigabyte game BioShock Infinite download would take more time.

Among Mozilla say that they intend to install a The Khronos Group, a developer of advanced tenologicheski-standard OpenGL, to work on the adaptation of the narrative devices and structures, as well as the data format for 3D-models, textures, and other resources that are needed for 3D-applications .

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