Google today unveiled simple and low-cost TV dongle called Chromecast

Chromecast TV dongleGoogle today unveiled a “simple and inexpensive” way to transfer Internet video on a TV.

The company showed Chromecast – a small device that allows you to transmit real-time content to the TV WiFi-network with a computer, phone or tablet as a remote control.

As Google says that the highlight of Chromecast that the device does not require any configuration, training, work and works with all modern platforms at once. In this case, it is worth Chromecast only 35 dollars, which is almost three times cheaper than the previously shown a similar device Nexus Q. In the U.S., the supply Chromecast already begun.

5-centimeter device like a USB-stick, but it is located in the HDMI port on your TV with support for HD-video. It is able to interact with a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, getting them and the content team. Sundar Pichai, senior vice-president of Google, said that Chromecast supports Android, and iOS-device.

At the presentation of the company specifically use Windows-laptop and iPhone to demonstrate Chromecast.

A special feature of Chromecast that this device is directly connected to WiFi and does not consume additional battery power, moreover, at the sender unit during the broadcast you can do other tasks – checking e-mail, run programs or perform other tasks.

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Now the drawbacks device. At the moment, as a source of content can act only three providers – YouTube, Google Play and the U.S. Netflix. Add other broadcasters company promises only in the future.

Google Announced Low Cost Google TV “Chromecast” Dongle

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