Windows Phone 8 is waiting an increase in the life cycle

Windows Phone 8Microsoft has announced the extension of the life cycle of a mobile platform Windows Phone 8 to three years, which will double, so the previous period of 18 months, which was announced in March of this year.

“Starting with Windows Phone 8, we will be releasing updates, including security updates are available for 36 months – says Tony Mestres, a spokesman for Microsoft. – They will be incremental and based on previous releases. “ However, the developer does not guarantee that users of Windows Phone 8 will receive these updates.

“Mobile providers or smartphone manufacturers have the right to control the distribution of incremental data updates, and their availability will be determined by country, region and the capabilities of the mobile phone”, – says Mestres.

The company also said that in the first half of 2014 will be published in a special pack Windows Phone 8 for business users. It will allow IT-departments more effectively control the mobile device to the Windows Phone platform and increase the productivity of remote employees.

Package of business update includes support for S / MIME – the standard for registration, updating and cancellation of user authentication certificates, as well as beefed up MDM-policy support for enterprise Wi-Fi-connection (supplied with the EAT-TLS). In addition, the package will be implemented to access the corporate network behind the firewall is automatically installed with the VPN-connections, depending on the application.

Microsoft expects that the increased life cycle, combined with the planned corporate updates Windows Phone 8 will make efficient and optimal platform for business users.

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