Google updated Chrome browser for iPhone and iPad

Google UpdatesGoogle has released an update to iOS-version of the browser Chrome, added small improvements for the iPhone and iPad.

Chrome 29 for iOS includes a significant part of innovation, which has previously been implemented in the Android- version of this design , so now both versions are equal in functionality.

The first change that immediately catches the eye is the caching of search results, which greatly accelerates the process of working with the systems of Internet search data. The company also has improved the work of Voice Search: Now you can add a voice query request made earlier. For example, if the user previously asked Google anything about Barack Obama , and in the following query asks, ” What’s his height? ” The search engine understands that it is the source of the previous search. The company said that the mechanism of pronunciation queries while not perfect, but the company is working to improve performance.

Another improvement in the browser – this calculator the cost of traffic, which is located in Settings-Bandwidth Management. Finally, the last important point: Google has improved the work of a unified authentication Single Sign-On in Chrome.

It should be noted that today the Internet giant has released an update to the application Drive App for the Android operating system and iOS. There was a significantly redesigned interface, expanded opportunities for the creation, scanning and downloading files. The arrow buttons are displayed in the main menu, which simplifies the manipulation of files. In addition to this, the company has corrected a number of problems in the software.

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