Amazon Video console will be released in 2014

AmazonExpected Media Console by Amazon may be delayed with the release of more than two months and will be released in next year. It is reported online edition of The Verge.

Recall that the informal console will allow Amazon to work with a wide range of streaming Internet content, including music, movies, games and images. The console will be focused on placement with the TV and will not in any way tied to the computer. Amazon has not officially commented on the possible information strimming console.

According to unofficial information, future console will be called the Amazon Firetube and will be mainly focused on work with its own catalog of Amazon, which also includes video on demand Video on Demand and records from Amazon Instant Video. Also, insiders report that Amazon was associated with various content owners regarding licensing for online services. It is known that the last round of negotiations the company held in mid-October.

Set-top box displays the Amazon online retailer to a new market for it commercial television, which developed in the United States is strong enough, and the competition is high here. At the same time, the company has obviously made a bet on Internet broadcasting, so with full cable and satellite TV operators there is still no competition. Sources in the Amazon say that the TV console of the company will work on the Kindle-like software, and will be primarily focused on existing users content services retailer, as well as commercial users bonus program Amazon Prime.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the initiative Amazon – this is another attempt of the company to go beyond its traditional market for computers and tablets, broader than is justified in the homes of potential customers. Moreover, such a set-top box – this is for Amazon another distribution channel paid content in addition to computers and devices Kindle.

It is reported that the device will be focused precisely on broadcasting content, but not to download it and then play. It is unknown what will be the cost of the gadget, but taking into account the competing solutions, it should be sold in the range of 50 to 99 dollars. In addition, the use of the device will assume the conclusion of a service contract with the choice of tariff plan, similar to the packages of satellite or cable TV.

The WSJ reports that the gadget Amazon will be open for the rest of the platform, that is, providers of alternative services strimming be able to write client programs for the device and transmitting content to it, using the development of Amazon only as a hardware platform. Among these competitors can select Netflix, Pandora Media, and others.

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