The blue screen of death on iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S blue screen of deathOwners of iPhone 5S found the blue screen of death on their devices

In addition, smartphones spontaneously rebooted.

In the Apple’s Support Community users complain that their iPhone 5s spontaneously reboot, and then show the blue screen of death, which until recently was typical only for personal computers running on older versions of Windows.

The problem occurs when you use Office applications iWork, which are installed by default in the latest version of iOS 7.

“When I use Pages and click the home button to quit the app, my iPhone rebooted after the demonstration screen of death. I traded my new smartphone , but it did not solve the problem. I use Pages, and this error has seriously hampered my work ( and also scares me to death ), “- writes user under the name gauravojha. He was able to solve the problem, first came out in the menu of the application, and only then closing it.

Another way to avoid the blue screen of death – turn off syncing with iCloud applications for Pages, Keynote and Numbers, this software, iWork.

Apple has not commented on the situation.

Blue Screen of Death (Blue Screen of Death, BSoD) appeared in the first version of Windows 1.0 and virtually unchanged came to Windows 7. A text message describing the problem is displayed when there is a fatal error is usually in a driver or kernel code . The only thing left to the user – restart the computer.

VIDEO: iPhone 5S blue screen of death

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