4 Tips To Become A Better Transcriber

Better TranscriberThis article offers useful tips to become a highly skilled audio typist. With these tips, you can improve your transcription skills within a short time.

Transcription involves listening to some form of oral message and then typing the information you have heard. This sounds easy, but it can be a hard task, especially when you do not have the necessary skills. The fine art of audio typing requires a great deal of skill, accuracy, and speed.

The most important tip to allow for fast and accurate transcriptions though is to love what you do. In fact, approaching audio typing as a fun task rather than a tedious chore will go a long way in making you a top-notch transcriber. With the high demand of audio typists, a person who is good at typing can capitalize on this opportunity. If you have an entrepreneurial mind, you can even open your own online audio typing services. However, if you struggle with transcription tasks, this dream can seem a little far-fetched. That does not have to be the case because you can improve your skills. So, here are some tips that can help you become a highly skilled audio typist. 

Increase Your Typing Speed

The art of audio typing requires one to work with speed. Sources of the material being typed usually include speeches, digital files, and recordings. It is important for the typist to be able to keep up with the speed at which these sources relay the information. It can be quite annoying to interrupt a person constantly when trying to type a speech or dictation. On the other hand, frequent pausing of the audio device will only drag the process, thus making the task to take long.

Use Software and the Best Equipment for Transcription Work

When opting to offer online audio typing services, it is important to use good equipment and software that will make your work easier. It is mandatory that you use software that will allow swift uploads of the digital files that you plan to transcribe. The headset you use should also be of good quality to allow for clear and crisp audio.

With the advancements in technology, there are varieties of software programs such as the ‘express scribe’ that greatly help during the transcription of audio into text. These programs offer foot pedals and keyword shortcuts to facilitate faster typing. It is also wise to use a word processing application that can automatically correct wrong spellings and grammatical errors when doing transcription work.

Know Your Clients’ Format

Before starting the transcription process, ensure to ask your client about the required format. This will give you a good idea of how the completed document should look like, thus you can start to work on the final copy immediately. By asking the client in advance, you also save yourself from wasting time and energy, which would be the case if the client rejects your work because it does follow the required format.

Use a Comfortable Workstation

Transcription work involves spending long hours working on a computer. This can be tiring and especially if you have a poor workstation. To boost your productivity, avoid brightly coloured monitors that cause discomfort to your eyes, as well as hard seats that make you uncomfortable.

Douglas Finlay is a virtual assistant in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is also a writer for a virtual transcription agency. Click here to check out about his work.

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