5 Best Online Backup Services for Small Businesses

Online Backup ServicesWhat is online backup?

The loss of data and corruption in data is a very complex obstacle which is being faced in daily routine.

Online backup is very essential when the computer shuts down due to unknown reason. The first use of Online backup is to avoid the loss in data. There are also some secondary uses of online backup. Not only it avoids data loss but it can also develop some restore points through which data is recovered according to some earlier stage.

Online backup is a kind of medium in which identical files are copied in order to maintain its record. In the IT terms it is commonly known as making images of data. Online data is provided by multiple services which are available online and can be subscribe with some payment.

1. BackBlaze

This is an online backup service provider which is supported by number of factors which keeps the data safest than ever. The users can consider this service provider as a key essential factor to protect their important data. It guards the important data in the form of different files and folders. It is a computer application which can be installed. Then, it can be initiated any time  just by searching it in control panel. The backups and recovery files can be created in order to monitor the files of last backup. It also offers a big storage capacity. The distinctive feature of this service provider is that it can save files of every type including Music files, Picture files as well as email and other documents. Another very important feature is automated saving of data whenever it is changes.

2. Carbonite

It is fifth generation service. It has been launched in last November. It is very different in its way but there are also some of the features which are not present in this service. It offers many other type of services which competitors are not providing. Firstly it offers storage services for MACINTOSH as well as Windows. The home plus package also provides more space for creating images. It has also many features for business users. It is also used for blackberry and I Phone.

3. HiDrive

It is also a new online cloud storage service. It is introduced by a German firm known as Strato. It offer 5 GB of free online storage and after the addition of some money it extends to above 100 GB space. It gives cloud services in which data can be stored in multiple devices at once. It provides online storage in $13 per month.

4. CrashPlan

It is a very competitive services as it provides variety of features to the users. There are multiple clients available which uses this service. It is specifically for MACs and other windows devices. But it is not available in BlackBerry Phones.

5. MozyHome

Like the name it offers very user friendly services. This service is available only for those users who have a little know how about the complex use of computers. This service is not available for BlackBerry phones but it works on android and other Apple devices.

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The article is written by Gloria Philips and she recommends best cloud storage for UK.


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