Put Your Home On Lockdown With 5 Modern Security Gadgets

home thievesIn this article, I’ve listed a few security gadgets that can help you keep thieves at bay.

Are you sick and tired of worrying about your home being broken into? It pays to be careful these days because most people have nice toys any burglar would be interested in.

The easiest way to stay safe is to arm your home with a host of great security gadgets. Take a look at these ones and I’m sure you’ll agree burglars won’t stand a chance when they come up against them.

Digital Door Viewer (http://www.brinno.com/th/html/PHV1325.html)

Digital Door ViewerYou can’t be too careful these days because you never know who will be standing on the other side of your door. Open it to the wrong person and you could end up in a lot of trouble. The only way to guarantee it’s safe to open your door is by making sure you know who is there. The PeepHole Viewer will let you watch a clear LCD panel so you make no mistakes. If you have an ordinary peephole you’ll already know they’re not ideal because you can’t really see anything clearly.

Flash Fog (http://www.flashfogsecurity.com/)

Flash FogThis gadget is a little more high-tech so you will only want it for your home if you have a lot of valuables lying around. It’s actually intended for commercial purposes, but if you have the money it’s worth ensuring your possessions stay safe. Whenever someone breaks into your home and tries to steal stuff they will be overcome by a thick fog. It won’t harm them so they’ll be able to breathe, but they won’t be able to see so it will be impossible to locate anything of high value.

InvisiBars (http://www.thornesa.co.za/invisibarstrade.html)

InvisiBarsA lot of homes already have metal bars on their windows, but the people living inside must feel like they’re in prison. If you travel to poorer countries they’re even more prevalent. Even though they look horrible they definitely deter burglars, so luckily you now have a way to use them without ruining the look of your home. InvisiBars are invisible so nobody will be able to see them, but when someone tries to break in they’re realize it’s going to be almost impossible unless they have a van full of tools.

Early Warning Sensors (http://www.perimetersecurity.co.za/technical.htm)

Early Warning SensorsEarly Warning sensors are great if you live on a large piece of land because nobody will be able to sneak up to your home without you knowing about it. If you live in the middle of nowhere you might not stand a chance unless you’re warned of burglars in advance because you’ll be all on your own. You just need to position them around your garden and every piece of land you own can be covered. If someone starts sneaking up to your home you’ll have time to do something about it.

Pool Security System (http://www.sonarguard.com/)

Pool Security SystemPool alarms are great for a couple of reasons which means you get more bang for your buck. If you have children who can’t swim you don’t want them anywhere near the pool, so if the alarm goes off you’ll know they are in danger. Some homes are often vulnerable because hooligans jump into the garden to use the pool, so you’ll be able to catch them too. The system sounds when anything over a certain size goes under the water, so you don’t have to worry about false alarms.

The choice is yours

Unless you live in a mansion you won’t need every security gadget available, but it’s always better to have one or two just in case. You might need to spend a little money in the beginning, but if it means you don’t get broken into it will be well worth the money.

This article is authored by Mackie James, a sales executive at Express Locksmith, prominent 24-hour locksmith in Montreal. Mackie is a technophile and keeps himself updated on the latest trends in the world of technology.

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