Best Apps to Backup your Android device

backup android deviceAfter you get yourself a new smartphone with Android on-board, you will more than likely want to know how to backup data, apps and so on.

Especially if you happen to lose your handset, receive security threats, have it stolen by someone and so on.

Google themselves warn many people that their Android Backup Service isn’t guaranteed to backup users’ important data at all times. Which is why today we will tell you what some of the best apps to backup your Android device are.

App Backup & Restore

The first recommended app to make sure your phone’s data is backed up is App Backup & Restore. This one works best in case you want a solution to help save your device’s apps. This is also a great tool whose other advantage is this: it can preserve the file called .apk on the laptop or PC you use. With the App Backup & Restore, the apps are backed up on the smartphone’s own SD card.

The only disadvantage of this solution is that it can’t backup the settings or data of your apps. To make sure that backups are correctly stored, you should opt for the apps of your liking from the main interface. You should do the same if you want to delete them or keep an archive of them.

Titanium Backup

The second app you can choose to backup your Android phone is called Titanium Backup root. To use this, your Android device must be rooted. After you do that, or if your smartphone already has root access, the Titanium Backup root will do the following: restore system applications, make backup copies of both user data and programs, freeze applications, get rid of system applications, create a backup schedule, move settings using only one click, record info in the Market about apps, accelerate backups via something called HyperShell and so on.

Go Backup & Restore pro

If you want to backup data and so on with an app featuring a very easy to use interface, you should opt for Go Backup & Restore pro.

This one allows you to backup user data, restore system settings and user data, restore apps data and .apk files alike. The Go Backup & Restore pro offers great stability.


If you don’t have a rooted Android device, you should try Helium – App Sync and Backup. If you turn it on, your phone’s data and apps will be backed up to its SD card or cloud storage.

You can even do the same if you want to backup data and apps alike to your notebook or PC. The interface of the Helium – App Sync and Backup also comes with a user-friendly interface. If you own other devices running Android, this solution lets you easily sync data from them.

SMS Backup +

SMS Backup + is what you should use if you work with Gmail and want to backup your device’s MMS and SMS in there. After you turn IMAP on your Gmail on, you will be able to automatically or manually sync each newly received text message.

The SMS and MMS stored in your device’s SD or phone memory will easily be saved. Whenever a backup is created, you will be able to give the backup file a name of your liking.

G Cloud Backup

Finally, G Cloud Backup is an app which lets the user of an Android device do this: use the web to backup every single type of content found on your phone.

The app comes with a list of files that allows you to choose the data you wish to backup. After that, the system begins to sync the copy you made of the content you want to save. The amount of free backup is up to 1GB, though.

That was our list of best apps to backup your Android device. Hope you find what you need to keep your device’s apps and data safe!

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