Best notetaking apps for iPhone

evernoteMeetings, lectures or your me-time – a notepad is something that should accompany you through it all.

Though the iPhone comes packed with its own notepad, it limits the user in many ways. We carefully navigated through the App Store to give you a review of the best note taking apps for the iPhone:


Evernote, which has had 50 million hits since it came into the smartphone market, was the first top-notch app. It came packed with a number of other features that aimed to make note taking an experience that impressed to the maximum. With features ranging from basic note taking and organizing information the app goes as far as recording audio notes as well as converting speech into text. You have notebooks to arrange notes into. Sharing notes and images with other Evernote users is another task that this app performs with ease. The user can search for notes through stacks of notebooks.


Simplenote’s has been designed primarily to add ease to the note taking experience. Its interface moves very fluidly making it user-friendly. For those who require more coordination in their lives than others, Simplenote gives the option of tagging notes. Users can search them with the help of these tags. Moreover, the sharing process by Simplenote is more advanced as compared to that of Evernote. It does not end when the users share notes. Simplenote gives constant alerts when any change is made to a note. Alarms and reminders are other features that Simplenote offers.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is yet another great option on the App Store for using your smartphone in a more productive way by taking down notes and organizing them. It turns the boring note taking a fun experience in which you can choose from a variety of visuals styles in which you can type. Unlimited categories allow you to assort your notes. This not only helps when you are searching for a particular note lying among a heap of papers but also makes your iPhone more organized and directed. Apart from iPhone’s own security, this app allows you to further protect confidential notes by putting them under password. The user can add notes to the app even through a locked screen and customize the app with almost 10,000 wallpapers from which you can choose from. Although it’s important to note that even with the password any spy app for iPhone can steal data from the phone, so one shouldn’t rely on just an app password to protect their notes.

Super Note

The feature that distinguishes Super Note from other note taking apps on the App Store is the flexibility it provides the user with to create notes. You can create a note with your finger, a stylus pen or record audio notes. Text is not the only option. Drawings, photos and diagrams can be created in this app. Additionally, you can color code the notes so you can keep a track of them. By setting up alarms and reminders, Super Note makes sure that you don’t forget anything. Sharing notes does not depend solely on the other person’s availability on the app. You can share notes with others through e-mail or Wi-Fi too.

Safe Notes

In this world where flaws in digital security have caused many a problems, Safe Note comes aiming to address this particular issue. It has been especially designed for those who keep the protection of the data in the Smartphone at top priority. Every time someone tries to go through your notes, they have to unlock them by entering the self-protected password that you have put up. Moreover, the app divides different notes into categories like the most recent, favorites and urgent. Though there are many apps for creating notes on the App Store, none of them provides that level of security that the Safe Notes app does.

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