Eight Basic Apps for iPad

Apps for iPadThe amount of iPad proprietary applications has reached 140,000, and more than 500,000 applications in iTunes App Store which are written for iPhone also support iPad.

That is to say, iPad is not lack of valuable applications. But it is difficult for users to find what the most basic applications are.

Here we will not list applications that the users are frequently used. And we will measure their importance according to the purpose and the user experience. The following are some basic apps we recommend you to install in your iPad.

1. ABC Player

ABC Player is a player application. Its user interface is very simple and clear. The graphic-style interface lets you quickly preview and select your favorite programs.

Currently, ABC Player has supported for the iPad Retina HD display. By ABC Player, users can watch a lot of popular U.S. TV seres and enjoy high-definition viewing experience.

2. AIM for iPad

It seems that AIM is redefining social networks. Via AIM for iPad client, users can directly update the social status in their Facebook or Google Talk, or directly chat with friends in Facebook and Google Talk.

3. Art Authority for iPad

Art Authority for iPad is a fascinating, real-world art museum. It contains more than 1,000 Western world’s greatest artists which spanning all the works of ancient times to today. It can be divided into eight periods, and there are more than 50,000 paintings and sculptures. Users can understand the artist’s life and works well according to the search and title comparison.

4. Calcbot

Calcbot intelligent computing counter has a perfect user interface. The texture and the sound of the button give you clear feedback for each touching. Through sliding the keyboard, the user can complete a switch between simple functions and complex functions. And users can even view the count history.

5. The Early Edition 2

The Early Edition 2 is a news reading software. Its new version has been optimized based on the Retina display of iPad, and it will provide users more excellent reading experience.
The user interface of the Early Edition 2 is much like the newspaper we usually read. It is divided into different section according to the content. And users also can subscribe the news you are interested in.

6. Evernote

Evernote is a well-known recording and management software. It has a powerful note capture function which supports recording text, pictures, voice, etc. The input mode on the iPad has more advantage compared to the iPhone’s virtual keyboard. While, Evernote has perfectly supported the new iPad HD retina display.

7. Reeder for iPad

Reeder For iPad is a key recommendation Google Reader client cloud service by Apple Company. It includes almost all the features of Google Reader and completely cloud based. Users can fully synchronize the folders and seed file content in Google account to Google Reader.

Reeder For iPad application also carries some good social factors, including synchronize with Delicious bookmarks and Twitter, and e-mail sharing functions.

8. Star Walk for iPad

Star Walk is an app which allows you to be closer to the stars and astronomy. It includes star list, constellation list, planet list and Messier object list, as well as change information about phase of the moon, also includes links which are the descriptions of celestial in Wikipedia. In addition, Star Walk also has the “time machine” feature, which allows you to observe the position of the stars, including past and future.

Using Star Walk you can observe stars, planets, constellations, meteor showers, not only from your present location, but also can from any location on Earth. Just by rotating the three-dimensional globe, you can choose any location and from there to observe the stars.

In addition, by Star Walk, you can also look at the universe artistic photo shot by professional and amateur astronomers to fully enjoy the beauty of the sky.

Of course there are many other good and useful apps for iPad except the above 8 ones. And I’m sure you can find your needed app to solve your requirements if you search for it carefully. And at last, I will give you a very easy and useful method to help you play DVD movies on your iPad. Here is the article for your reference: How to Convert DVD to iPad 4.

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Kim Guo writes many guides and tips about iPad, iPhone, iPod and other Apple devices. She spends lots of time on studying these products. According to her advice, if you want to play DVD movies on Apple products and other portable devices, you can free download the needed software from this page.

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