The Top High Tech Gadgets To Get More From Your Swimming Pool

Swimming PoolThis article lists a few gadgets from remote control boats to stop watches which you can use in a swimming pool to get more from it.

If you’re fortunate enough to have your own swimming pool or to be installing one, then you should recognise that you’re probably the object of countless people’s envy.

As such it’s important that you make the most of it and don’t commit the crime that a lot of pool owners commit: forgetting all about it and suddenly not finding it interesting anymore (it tends to go that way often when we get the things we want).

One of the big benefits of having your own pool is that you can do what you want in it. You aren’t being watched any more, and you aren’t in a public place which means you can make a splash make a lot of noise and generally have even more fun. There are tons of cool gadgets and toys out there to help you do just that, so read on for some examples of great tech to take in the pool with you.

Remote Control Boats

Remote Control BoatsFor the big kid in you, there’s tons of fun to be had with remote controlled boats or even submarines. If you have kids they’ll get tons of fun from these too – why not set up races or obstacle course to drive around?

The Nexus Z Phones and Tablets

The Nexus Z Phones and TabletsIf you’re trying to decide on which phone or tablet to buy and you’re fortunate enough to own a swimming pool, then perhaps the answer is to look into a Nexus Z from Sony. Why? Because all these devices are either water proof or water resistant, meaning that you can use them around the pool. Some can even be used as underwater cameras!

Underwater Cameras

Underwater CamerasAnd of course just getting an underwater camera could be a good idea too. This way you can capture some fun shots of you and your family/friends posing underwater or at the moment of bombing which is a surefire way to get great profile pictures and cover photos for Facebook!

Or if you’re a professional swimmer and you want to record some footage to watch back so that you can improve your performance, you can always try using a GoPro camera which will attach to your head and be completely waterproof even when you’re really going at it.

Neptune Underwater MP3 Player

Neptune Underwater MP3 PlayerThe Neptune Underwater MP3 Player is an MP3 player you can dive right into your pool with. It’s a brilliant gadget because it allows you to hear the music loud and right inside your head even when you’re swimming underwater unlike having a speaker on the side of the pool.

How does it work? By actually vibrating the bone of your skull in order to transmit sound and avoid the problem of making it travel through the air. Your brain can convert those ‘skull vibrations’ into sound allowing you to hear the music as though you just had on a pair of amazing headphones.

Ion Water Rocker

Ion Water RockerThe problem with skull headphones though is that they aren’t particularly sociable for when you want to chat with your friends in the pool and enjoy some music at the same time. That then is where the ION Water Rocker comes in – a floating water-proof speaker that picks up music over Bluetooth. This allows you to keep your smartphone dry on land while the music blasts out of your speaker in the pool. The Ion Water Rocker can even be used as a ball which is tons of fun.

Biofeedback Devices and Stop Watches

Biofeedback Devices and Stop WatchesIf you’re serious about swimming then you’ll want to be able to track your performance so you can see if you’re making progress or not and so that you can set yourself challenges. A waterproof stopwatch is probably the very minimal solution here, but you should also look into devices that you can wear on your wrist to record your number of laps, your heartrate etc.

These are just a few of the great gadgets you can get for your swimming pool, others include retractable roofs, various games and even wave machines. It’s your pool, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

The writer of this article, Neil Peters, works as a product designer at Open Aire Inc., a company which manufactures retractable roof systems. When he is not working, he loves to go to fishing with his family.

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