Which Game Console Should You Set Underneath Your TV?

game consoleIn this article, I have discussed which of the three leading gaming consoles could potentially be the future of ultimate gaming.

If you’re a ‘gamer’ then you will no doubt be very excited to be heading into a new era of video game consoles.

We are at the eve of another great ‘console war’, and whichever machine emerges victorious it will be the players who are the ultimate victors – with better graphics, new games and an all-round step-up in quality as we enter the next generation.

Still though, while you win out either way, you’re still probably going to want to ‘side’ with the winning team if possible. You’re going to want to spend your hard-earned cash on the console that will give you the most bang for your buck, but you’re also going to want to choose the one that will ultimately prove the most popular – because that will be the device with the most games and with the best social scene surrounding it.

In that sense, choosing a games console is almost akin to choosing a horse in a race and deciding which one you want to bet your money on. In this race there are three contenders: the Xbox One, the PS4 and the Nintendo Wii-U. Which belongs under your television?

The PS4

The PS4

Of the three machines, the PS4 is the slightly more powerful with a little more RAM to help handle memory-heavy processes (though Microsoft believe the performance of the Xbox One can be enhanced through the cloud). This difference is only very slight, though it has led to the PS4 version of CoD running at the highest resolution. At the same time the PS4 is the machine that is most focussed on games. The extra features are all designed with gaming in mind, and even the ability to play back locally stored media has been removed from the PS3. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing will depend on how excited you are by the prospect of being able to control your television by talking it to it.

The Xbox One

The Xbox One

The Xbox One is very similar to the PS4 in terms of power and third party support (though it had slightly more games at launch), but what sets it apart is its gamut of ‘non-gaming’ features which give it its name ‘Xbox One’ (it’s supposed to be an ‘all in one’ device). The Xbox One will allow you to run more apps, and even to ‘clip’ them to the side of your games and your television. You can control everything through voice commands and the Kinect is more powerful than ever and will even sign you in by recognising your face. Whether this distracts from the games for you, or it makes the console more exciting and more ‘futuristic’ will depend on your tastes.

The Wii-U


The Wii-U is the odd one out of the three. Compared to the other two consoles the Wii-U is severely underpowered – being closer in specs to the consoles of the last generation (arguably slightly even less). It also has its own gimmicks though, which centre around the large tablet-shaped controller that has many in-game functions and even allows you to take your gaming away from the television and play on the bed in the other room while others watch TV. The Wii-U is also the only console of the three to be backwards compatible, and to have such amazing first-party support in the form of Nintendo. If you or your kids love Mario and Zelda, then this is the only place to get them. Unfortunately the low specs of the Wii-U have also meant it has currently sold far fewer units than either the Xbox or Playstation – and it’s had a year’s head start!

So there you have it, the big three consoles that will be going head-to-head this generation. Which ones you want will depend on your own preferences, so let us know which one you’re betting on in the comments section below!

Let the games begin!

This article is authored by Harvey Branson, a sales executive at V Media, the best destination for internet TV in Canada. Harvey is a tech enthusiast and keeps himself updated with the latest trends in the world of technology.

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