5 Ninja Mail Tricks That Will Help Shave A Few Hours Off Your Day

Mail TricksIn this article, I have listed some simple tricks to help reduce the burden of organizing emails.

Most people have to deal with mail on a daily basis, whether it’s something physical getting delivered to their door or an email arriving in their inbox.

Mail of all shapes and sizes can be a right time-suck especially if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to get distracted when trying to work. I’m going to share a few ninja tricks with you that will help get your mail under control from now on.

Don’t open your own mail

mailYou can relax because I’m not saying you should force your partner to open everything for you. The solution is simpler than that and it involves hiring a company that will deal with all your mail. Once you have a special address you can use it to direct all your mail to a company who will then open it and email you the contents of each envelope. This is a great way for people to stay on top of everything when they move around a lot because it’s hard to open mail yourself when you’re not at home.

Give away control

letterNow we’re going to focus in on your inbox because we all know busy people get hundreds of emails every day. It seems like someone is always trying to ask you for help and it drains your time. If you hire someone to look after your inbox you won’t need to worry about it anymore. Your new remote employee will be able to scan your inbox all day and they can answer as much emails as possible. They will just mark the important ones so you can deal with them yourself.

Use an app for tracking

In a perfect world you could order something and it would appear at your door a few days later. We all know that doesn’t always happen and sometimes you end up having to spend hours chasing something up. There is nothing worse that hunting down a lost package when you don’t know where it is. Start using a smartphone app that will let you track everything you order. Some of them will even email you as the package starts moving from one place to the next.


Filter all your emails

If you can’t hire someone to look after your inbox you will still need to do something so you can save some time. Why don’t you think about filtering all your messages into different folders.


This might take a while to set up, but after it’s done you will only end up with important emails in your main inbox. You can look at all your other folders when you have free time. Email is a killer when you’re trying to be productive and filtering all the crap away will save you hours each day.

Send letters from the cloud

Send lettersThere are still certain times when you will want to send someone a physical letter. That might sound alien to you if you’re still quite young, but you can’t just email people all the time because it doesn’t always work. Instead of printing out letters and posting them yourself you can now pay a company to do it for you. Just log onto their website and write your letter then when you’re done you can click a few buttons and they will actually send the letter for you to any address you want.

What do you think?

I think we’ve shaved a couple of hours off your day at the very least. What are you going to do with those extra hours? Please don’t use them to read more emails or chase down some lost package. Even if you can only implement a few of these techniques it will still be worth it.

The author of this article is David Becker, an employee at Beneco Packaging, leading providers of food packaging in Toronto. David is an avid comic book collector and is a regular feature at local comic conventions.

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