Pros and Cons of 3D Printers

3D PrinterSince the release of the 3D Builder App for Windows 8.1 and the free apps for android phones like G Code Simulator and the Maker Droid 3D printing Alpha, people got more and more interested in the world of 3D printing and started to explore the possibilities it offers.

As technology advances, the demand increases for the printing industry to come up with new innovations. And among them are 3D printers that have created a buzz lately. These printers are now being released to a wider market and so far, it seems that people have been accepting them positively.

Unlike 2D printers, 3D printers do not use a liquid ink or heat (Laser printers) to print documents. They make use of a plastic filament that fastens to the left side of the printer then feeds up through the nozzle for the printing. The outputs of these 3D units are not documents; rather, 3D objects.

But before throwing in your cash for this type of printer, it’s important for you to review the printer first. To help you with that, below are the pros and cons of 3D printers.


-Alternative for the Manufacturing Industry

Instead of using the traditional prototyping tools used in the manufacturing industry, 3D technology can be used instead. It is cheaper, faster, and creates almost the same results. You won’t need more laborers and more production facilities. 3D printers are a simple unit that can be managed by a single person, it ultimately cuts labor and production costs.

-Assures Quality

With this type of printer, making a prototype can be done repeatedly. This is to guarantee the quality of the prototype being produced. This is also helpful if you want to refine your designs. Identify the errors to be corrected then repeat the cycle of printing until you achieve the perfect design.

-Assures Safety

Most prototypes are done manually to ensure that quality is met. But in the manual process, there are big machines being used. The person who uses these machines, especially those used for prototypes, is prone to injuries or accidents. With 3D printers, this result is almost nonexistent. Managing this printer is simple and easy, making it safe for the person to use it.


-Can Produce Dangerous Weapons

Due to the versatility of these printers, there is vast range of objects that can be created—including dangerous weapons. Guns, for example, can be successfully made through it. We would not be able to know for sure whose hands these products may fall on. It could even be to young individuals and delinquents that have easy access to this type of printers.

-Can be used for Imitation

3D printers are of reach to the masses which means anyone can buy their own. And with the growing number of owners and users, it is very likely that imitating products can become rampant. This can result to a profit decrease for manufacturers of original products.

-Costly compared to 2D printers

The materials that the 3Ds use and have are much more expensive than those of 2D printers. 2Ds use either ink or toner cartridges which is cheaper than plastic filament that 3Ds use.

There are also a lot of economical options for 2D printing such as using ink cartridges spare parts or remanufactured inks and toners. Moreover, the demand is high for 3D because of the competition between them and online printing businesses. By knowing the different Pros and Cons of this product, you will surely know how to make the right decision. The information used in this article was kindly provided by Artonery, who is known for his gestetner toners used by most 2d printers you can find in offices all over the world.

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