SQL Server 2014 and its Forthcoming Features

SQL Server 2014Though he SQL Server 2014 hasn’t been officially released yet, but the Microsoft’s CTP or the Community Technology Preview has let the world take a peek over their beta release.

And Microsoft has up their release cadence for the said server for every 18-24 months. That would equal to a discharge of new SQL servers for every year or so.

And everyone thought that SQL server couldn’t get any better, but they’re wrong. The 2014 has been packed with new and tantalizing features up for grabs.

The 2014 SQL server has been touted to deliver the following:

  1. Mission critical performance.
  2. Hybrid cloud platform
  3. And quicker insights from data.

Key Features You Can Watch Out For

The new key features for SQL Server 2014 have been dubbed as significant factors for a better SQL.

In-Memory OLTP Engine

This new feature has been formerly known as Hekaton. It aims to provide OLTP improvements in performance through the moving of selected tables into memory. This new feature won’t require any changes in the application code and will world with the commodity hardware.

BI and Data Visualization Enhancement

The data visualization tool of SQL Server 2014 will be known as Data explorer. Data analysis can be possible here through Microsoft Excel. Its data reach can include structured, relational and semi structure data.

Azure Integrated Options

This can be available for the AlwaysOn Availability and an option for backups. This is integrated in SSMS and allows you to back up SQL server database in Azure. Since the AlwaysOn Availability has been extended to Azure, it has been present in the cloud. This one is beneficial for disaster recovery since replicas in azure can be created through the asynchronous Availability Group.

Improve Window Server 2012 Integration

The new SQL will provide support for the new Storage Spaces feature of the SQL Server 2012. The 201’s Resource Governor will make use of the 2012’s storage tiering.

Database Changes

The known R2 has been skipped because of the database engine changes in support of the OLTP changes.

Other Key Changes

Other key improvements of the 2014 version include the updatable clustered column stereo indexes. Plus due to the cardinality estimator, the query performances have been improved. Some other notable ones include the SysRep enhancements, IO’s resource governor, DBA’s separation of duties enhancement support for DBAs who aren’t allowed to read data. Failover Cluster Support for Clustered Shared volumes has also been included.

The AlwaysOn AG gets to have more secondaries and will be more reliable in the future. There will also be more online maintenance options and frequently used data on SSDs will be cache.

The above changes can clearly predict that Microsoft is still bringing in good changes. The exciting capabilities will continue to improve in the near future with new features to think of. You can have a try of the version through its beta release through its CTP download. The server will be mostly available by early 2014.

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